Potomac News Online | Government: Prince William coping with explosive growth, housing boom

Prince William County remains a busy place in 2005.

The county continued to grow in size and diversity, a trend that county demographers expect to continue over the next several years.

The county’s population grew by more than 13,000 last year alone to 350,345 residents as of June 2005. The population is forecast to grow to 415,300 by the year 2010 and more than 531,000 by 2030. It also saw a 3.5 percent increase in jobs between 2004 and 2005.

The biggest population surge in the county in recent years has been in the Hispanic population. The Hispanic community now makes up 16 percent of the county’s population. That percentage is expected to rise to 21 percent by 2010, county demographers said in May.

Recent proposals to bring new economic and residential developments into the county are also on the rise.

By no means is Prince William slowing down.

Prince William County Useful names and numbers


At-Large chairman: Sean T.

Connaughton, R, (703) 792-4640

Woodbridge: Hilda M. Barg, D, (703) 792-4646

Dumfries: Maureen S. Caddigan, R, (703) 792-4645

Coles: Martin “Marty” E. Nohe, R, (703) 792-4620

Neabsco: John D. Jenkins, D, (703) 792-4668

Occoquan: Corey A. Stewart, R, (703) 792-4643

Brentsville: Wally Covington, R, (703) 792-6190

Gainesville: John T. Stirrup, R, (703) 792-6195


County Executive: Craig Gerhart, (703) 792-6600

Acting County Attorney: Ross G. Horton, (703) 792-6620

Director of Finance: Christopher Martino, (703) 792-6700

Budget Director: David Tyeryar, (703) 792-6768

Real Estate Assessments Division Chief: Allison Lindner, (703) 792-6780

Director of Planning: Stephen Griffin, (703) 703-6830

Director of Economic Development: Martin Briley, (703) 792-6620

Director of Public Works: Robert Wilson, (703) 792-6820

Director of Social Services: A. Keith Sykes, (703) 792-7520

Park Authority Director: Jay Ellington (703) 792-7060

Commonwealth’s Attorney: Paul Ebert, (703) 792-6050

Clerk of Circuit Court: Dave Mabie, (703) 792-6015

Police Chief: Charlie Deane, (703) 792-6650

Fire and Rescue Chief: Mary Beth Michos, (703) 792-6800

Animal shelter administrator: Detective Sam Newsome, (703) 792-6465

Sheriff: Glendell Hill, (703) 792-6070

Voter Registrar: Betty Weimer, (703) 792-6470


For all offices not listed, call: (703) 792-6000

Mental Health Services Manassas: (703) 792-7700, Woodbridge: (703) 792-4900

Drug and Alcohol Program

Manassas: (703) 792-7800,

Woodbridge: (703) 792-4900

Service Authority: (703) 335-7900

Health District: Manassas: (703) 792-6300, Woodbridge: (703) 792-7300

Industrial and Economic Development authorities: (703) 792-5500

Strong residential growth in Western Prince William can be seen in Haymarket and Gainesville; commercial growth, including office buildings and shopping centers, is prevalent throughout Prince William.


County supervisors are elected from seven magisterial districts and the chairman is elected at-large.

Sean T. Connaughton, who began serving his second four-year term in January 2004, was first elected chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in January 2000.

The county chairman’s salary in 2004 is $43,076 and the other seven members get paid $37,823.

Prince William’s top administrative officer, County Executive Craig Gerhart, is responsible for carrying out the policies set by the eight-member Board of County Supervisors.

The county has operated under the county executive form of government since 1972.

Connaughton and Gerhart preside over a government that continues to receive increasing revenue growth from an evolving real estate market.

The county also has three elected constitutional officers: Circuit Court Clerk Dave Mabie, Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert and Sheriff Glendell Hill, who took office in January 2004.

Sharon Pandak held the appointed position of county attorney since 1989 and resigned last year. A new county attorney has not yet been named.


Prince William County’s 3,553 full- and part-time employees provide a broad range of services to the county’s 350,345 residents.

County departments, like those in most localities, range from branches designed to shape development in Prince William to those that provide health or social services.

The main number for county government services is (703) 792-6000. Residents can call PWC INFO at (703) 792-4636 for information 24 hours a day. Residents can also obtain county information by tapping into Prince William’s Web site at www.pwcgov.org.

The site has information on every county agency. This is where residents can find county maps, library catalogs, a clubs and organizations list, tax payment options, an anonymous tax evader reporting service and a list of current capital projects funded by tax dollars.

Among the governmental offices and their services are:

– The Community Services Board overseas mental health, mental retardation, substance abuse and prevention programs in Prince William, Manassas and Manassas Park. Hotline for the Manassas area is (703) 792-7800; in Woodbridge, call (703) 792-4900.

– The Fire and Rescue Department includes paid employees and volunteers who provide the protection and ambulance services. For non-emergencies, call (703) 792-6810.

– The Prince William Health District provides a variety of health services, including immunizations, family planning and pediatric care for low-income residents. It also provides information on environmental health. Call (703) 792-6300 in Manassas, (703) 792-7300 in Woodbridge or (703) 792-4700 in Sudley.

– The Office of Housing and Community Development provides resources and administrative programs and improves housing quality and affordability for families with low and moderate incomes. Call (703) 792-7530.

– The Mapping Office assigns addresses, provides mapping data for county residents and agencies, and analyzes demographic information. Phone (703) 792-6840.

– The Human Resources Office recruits monthly employees and works on better staff relations. Call (703) 792-6640.

– The Planning Office handles residential applications to renovate homes, add or expand decks and build pools. The planning office also prepares and maintains the county’s land-use plan, reviews applications for new development, overseas plans for buildings and enforces the county’s zoning ordinances. This office can direct residents and businesses seeking commercial and residential building permits. Call (703) 792-6830 or visit www.pwc gov.org/planning.

– Taxpayer Services issues business licenses, dog tags, and vehicle decals. It’s also where residents can pay parking tickets, real estate taxes and personal property taxes. Call (703) 792-6710 or visit www.pwcgov.org/tax. Taxes can be paid online.

– The Police Department enforces county laws. The non-emergency phone number is (703) 792-6500.

– Public Works runs the county landfill, oversees transportation projects, protects water quality, maintains the county’s buildings and grounds, constructs major drainage projects and storm sewers, does inspections on new construction, conducts building inspections, and issues building permits. Call (703) 792-6820.

– Social Services administers Aid to Dependent Children, oversees welfare reform, child-protective services, foster care, adoption and day care services. It also provides alternative housing for the homeless and offers natural disaster programs, medical, refugee and housing programs.

It also offers adult protection services, home improvement grants and youth employment services. The county operates two social services offices, one near Manassas (703) 792-7500 and one in Woodbridge (703) 792-4300.

– The Sheriff’s Department serves legal notices, civil warrants and summons, handles courtroom security, and performs some traffic enforcement. Call (703) 792-6070.

– The Service Authority, created in 1983, replaced the county’s varied sewer districts. It provides public water and sewer to county residents. To reach the Prince William County

– Service Authority, call (703) 335-7900 or visit www.pwcsa.com.

Virginia American Water is a private company not affiliated with Prince William County that provides water and sewer services to residents in Dale City. To contact Virginia American, call (703) 491-2136.

– The Prince William County Park Authority maintains county parks and provides access to a variety of recreational programs for residents. For updated information on events, sports and parks, call the Prince William County Park Authority at (730) 792-7060 or visit its Web site, www.pwc parks.org.

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