Does PetSmart Drug Test?


Many people have asked, “Does PetSmart drug test in 2022?” And since getting a job in the US right now is difficult, this can be a problem if you use drugs in any way, shape, or form. Two corporations that frequently drug test their employees are PetSmart and UPS (United Parcel Service). The two companies are also connected since PetSmart uses UPS as their shipping company.

So, if you have a job interview coming up with PetSmart, it’s essential to know what the PetSmart warehouse drug test is about. You want to know what kind of drugs they check for, if they look for illegal substances, and if they can use any drug type against you. You probably also want to know if there are some PetSmart drug test kits to help you pass.

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This article will discuss how UPS and PetSmart drug test their employees and what you can do if you want to pass PetSmart drug test.

How do the PetSmart THC tests work?

Being North America’s largest pet supplies retailer means PetSmart has many employees. Given that, the PetSmart drug test policy of 2022 helps them keep a close eye on whom they hire and what kind of drug use they do during their employment. To make sure their employees aren’t using drugs at work, PetSmart performs various drug tests.

What does PetSmart test for?

The PetSmart drug test checks for various drugs in the candidate’s system. The most common drug tested for is marijuana, but they also check for cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and others. And since high alcohol levels can affect your job performance, PetSmart will also test for alcohol.

How does PetSmart conduct its tests?

The test is a urine-based drug test. You’ll need to provide a urine sample tested for various drugs. But some experts, including the FDA, have raised concerns about urine-based testing. The main issue is that it’s easy to manipulate the results of an at-home drug test PetSmart (especially the urine test) by drinking large amounts of water or taking diuretics (water pills).

How long does PetSmart take to hire after interview?

The test results are available within 3-4 days. You may not have passed the test if you haven’t heard from PetSmart after one week. You can contact PetSmart to ask about your results.

When will PetSmart conduct its drug tests?

There are specific times when PetSmart will conduct a drug test. The first is after you’ve passed the initial assessment and are hired. You’ll be required to take another drug test before you work. PetSmart will also ask you to take a drug test if they suspect you may use drugs or alcohol before working.

Also, while PetSmart does not always test its employees for promotions, you may be required to take a PetSmart random drug test if you are applying for a position that requires operating heavy machinery. And, if you test positive for drugs during an employment drug screen, you will not be promoted to the post.

Does PetSmart drug test entry-level positions?

If you apply for an entry-level position at PetSmart, you may be subject to a drug test. This can be done as part of the application process or during a later interview.

They do this to ensure that all employees can perform their jobs safely and efficiently. The company will not hire you for the position if you test positive for drugs.

The drug test is urine-based and will be administered by a licensed professional. If you are applying for a job at PetSmart, you should read their employment application carefully and be prepared to take the drug test if necessary.

Are PetSmart drug tests supervised?

However, their drug test policy is severe, at home drug test by Petsmart are allowed. In the majority of cases, PetSmart demands unsupervised urine drug tests.

What happens if you fail to pass the PetSmart drug test?

This is a grave matter, and it has several implications. If you’re looking for employment and fail your drug test, you may not secure a job at PetSmart. The company will terminate your interview process, and your application will not be considered.

For current employees who fail a drug test, you may be subject to disciplinary action from PetSmart. You may also have your employment terminated. If this happens, it is unlikely that you will find another job at the PetSmart store in the future because of this failure.

The reason for these strict measures is that PetSmart has a zero-tolerance policy for drug use. Any employee who uses drugs, even in the off-hours, will face disciplinary action and possible termination. PetSmart works with animals, and its employees must be in the best shape possible to provide the best care for these animals.

Kinds of drug tests at PetSmart

As a major employer, PetSmart needs to verify the integrity of its employees. Therefore, they require drug testing and other screening forms before hiring an applicant and during employment.

Many kinds of drug tests can be used, including:

PetSmart Pre-employment Drug Screen

PetSmart doesn’t test candidates who come for the first interview. Once you’ve passed the evaluation, you may be required to take a drug test. This is usually done within 48 hours of hiring. If you fail, you won’t be able to work at PetSmart.

PetSmart Post-accident Drug Screen

Employees involved in accidents while on the job may be required to take a drug test. This is typically done within 48 hours of the accident. Workers who fail the test will face disciplinary action, including termination.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Screen

PetSmart conducts the most common type of drug test. If your employer reasonably suspects that you are under the influence of drugs, they may require you to take a drug test. This could be based on your behavior or appearance.

Random Drug Screen

All departments within the company may be subject to random drug testing. This is typically done at least once a year. You may also be required to take a drug test if you are in a safety-sensitive position or working with heavy machinery that requires concentration and alertness.

Return-to-duty Drug Screen

PetSmart may conduct this type of drug test if you have been away from work for a long time because of an injury or illness. This test aims to see if your body has completely recovered from the effects of drugs and alcohol. You may also be required to take this test if you have been convicted or arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).

Questions and Answers About PetSmart and UPS Drug Tests

This section will answer some of the most common questions about PetSmart and UPS drug testing.

Does PetSmart test for prescription medications as part of its hiring process?

If you have a medical condition that requires you to take prescription medications, you must inform PetSmart and UPS when you apply for the job.

While they will not necessarily ask you to provide a list of your prescriptions at this stage in the hiring process, they will ask you to submit a doctor’s note stating that you are fit to work.

This note should include why you need to take these medications and how long it is likely to be before your body functions normally without them. If the prescription has any adverse side effects on your ability to function, then PetSmart and UPS may not hire you.

Can I pass a drug test at PetSmart for an internal promotion?

Former employees have reported that PetSmart will probably not ask you to pass a drug test for an internal promotion. The only time you may be asked to take a drug test is if you’ve had a work-related injury or if you’ve been involved in some incident at work that requires an investigation.

However, if the company tests you for drugs, you must pass the test to be considered for promotion. So, people uncomfortable with taking a drug test may not want to apply for an internal promotion at PetSmart.

Can I reapply for a PetSmart job if I fail the company’s drug test?

Failing your drug test can seem devastating, but it’s not the end. If you fail the drug test, don’t give up on your dream job at PetSmart.

Most companies are pretty strict about positive drug test results, and they will not hire you. But with PetSmart, you might be able to reapply for a job in the future. If you’re still interested in working at PetSmart and have been rejected, the PetSmart manager may give you another chance.

However, they will probably deny you employment with PetSmart if you fail the drug test again. The company will place your name in PetSmart’s database of people who have failed drug tests, and you will not be considered for future employment.

Can I be called back after my drug test for questions regarding my medications and daily routines?

The lab can call you back to discuss your results and any questions they may have. However, if you are called back, it is usually because they discovered metabolites like methamphetamine.

People who are on Adderall typically have methamphetamine as a metabolite. So, they would want to confirm that you’re on a prescription and not using meth.

In such cases, you should tell them you are on a prescription and provide them with your doctor’s name. This will help clear any confusion about using Adderall or other prescribed drugs. If you have any questions about what type of medication can be detected in a urine test, it’s best to ask someone who works at the lab.

How can I pass the PetSmart pre-employment drug test?

If you are worried about the PetSmart pre-employment drug test, there are a few things that you can do to help reduce your chances of failing.

First, you should stop using drugs for at least one month before your test. This will give these substances enough time to leave your system. Also, if you have any prescription medications in your possession when taking this test, be sure to bring them with you so that they can be appropriately documented.


PetSmart drug tests are used to check for illegal drugs and prescription medications. The company is known for implementing strict drug-free policies and will terminate the employment of any employee who fails the test.

If you have been offered a job at PetSmart or want to apply for one, you can use this guide to learn how to pass a drug test. Contact the company directly if you have questions about the process or want more information.

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