Manassas Journal Messenger | County growth fueled by Hispanic population

Prince William County will grow by more than 60,000 people in the next five years, fueled by an influx of Hispanic residents who will make up two out of every ten people in the county by 2010, according to recently released county statistics.

The growth in the Hispanic population will be concentrated in Woodbridge and in parts of the county north of Manassas, according to the report County Demographer Jill Allmon outlined for supervisors Tuesday.

The report used U.S. Census figures and population trends to make predictions about the county’s population.

As of April 1, Prince William County had an estimated population of 352,482, with Hispanic residents comprising 14.5 percent. By 2010, the population is expected to reach 415,382 with Hispanics expected to make up 21 percent of county residents.

The growth in the Hispanic population expected for the next five years continues a recent trend in Prince William County, while reflecting a national population trend.

Nearly 40 percent of the county’s population growth since 2000 has been from new Hispanic residents, and these residents are expected to account for more than 50 percent of the growth in the next five years.

“Just having this information, we think, is important to understanding our community and preparing for the direction we’re going,” said County Executive Craig Gerhart.

Board Chairman Sean T. Connaughton, R at-large, highlighted statistics in the report showing that the average income for both the county’s Hispanic and non-Hispanic residents is well above national averages.

“We’re growing a lot faster, a lot more diverse and we’re also getting much more affluent at the same time,” Connaughton said.

Allmon’s report delved into some characteristics of the county’s Hispanic residents, showing that the households are generally larger, more often comprised of family members and usually speak English.

The average household size for Hispanic residents is 4.18 persons, compared to the county average of 2.94. Nearly 90 percent of Hispanic households include at least two people related to each other, while only three-quarters of white and black households include some family members.

Additionally, the majority of Hispanic households speak English, with at least three-quarters reporting that they speak English “well” or “every well.” Two out of every ten Hispanic households reported speaking only English.


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