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Harlem Heat

brings the tag team back to WCW

The Masked Messenger

At one time they made the World Championship Wrestling the best there

was out there – tag teams.

However, with the fall of the popular tag teams in WCW the ratings and

many fans followed, leaving the once-popular organization in disarray.

Finally, after months on lackluster tag teams and matches the WCW has

finally realized what made it the top organization and has reunited one

of the best tag teams in the business: Harlem Heat.

On Monday night, Stevie Ray and his more talented brother Booker T, were

on fire again, giving WCW fans all over the world a look back on the glory

days of the organization.

Sure, the two looked a little rusty. But after going their separate ways

(Stevie Ray joining the NWO and Booker T having some grueling matches with

the likes of Chris Benoit), who wouldn’t?

With a few more matches let’s hope these two stars can get back into

the groove of things and can reach the pinnacle they deserve to be on.

WCW: As the tag teams go, so goes the organization.



LION CALLING:Well, it looks as though Chris Jericho will be making his

Monday Night Raw debut on August 9 (ironically, the same day the Countdown

to the Millennium will be over) and the rumors and speculation surrounding

his upcoming role the WWF have been running wild.

It appears the most prominent rumor is the true one.

Jericho will join up with X-Pac and the Road Dog to a form a new and

improved Degeneration X (uh, oh, can we say NWO syndrome) and may be joined

by Test and (ready for this) the Heartbreak Kid himself, Shawn Michaels.

HBK’s role is not quite known yet, but what we do know is he has started

his own wrestling school down in his native state of Texas and, though not

100 percent, still has the talent that made him the franchise in the pre-“Stone

Cold” Steve Austin days.

There has been much discussion among the insiders that Jericho may turn

out to be nothing more than an HBK ripoff (the same thing they accused him

as in the WCW). While they both have the same charisma and similar styles,

the WWF won’t allow that to happen. It is banking instead on the many Jericho-haulics

following their hero and his “come-and-get-me-if-you-can” personality

to the WWF.

Jericho, in a move despised by the Body Slam staff, is contracted (errgghhh,

it hurts to say it) win the Intercontinental Belt at Survivor Series.



WHOSE MOVING WHERE?: While watching Monday Night Raw it has become apparent

that Deborah is getting pretty p-oed at the way Jeff Jarrett has been treating

her. Look for her to find herself a new pound to rest her puppies.

The Hardy Boyz, a surprising young tag team, aren’t happy with their

manager Michael Hayes and they may be joining the newly-revamped Degeneration

X when Chris Jericho shows his face.

That’s all for now, until next time keep reading, watching and writing.

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