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Waiting at the Shelters

by Nancy White

Manassas Journal Messenger

Now that the Stray of the Week feature has been running for several months

it’s obvious that many owners are not redeeming their lost pets from the

PWC Animal Shelter. In fact, the figures show that less than 25 percent

of the pictured animals were claimed.

However, the good news is that most of these animals have been adopted.

Only two had to be euthanized due to illness. The pets selected for this

spot (bottom corner picture) are usually the cream of the crop. If their

owners don’t want them it’s a pretty good bet someone else will. A good

example is the Silky Terrier who was pictured June 30.

The morning “Silky” was made available for adoption the parking

lot was full of potential adopters. Among them was a woman who had visited

the little terrier every day while he waited in vain for his owner to get

him. She was ready to adopt him. However as it turned out Silky was adopted

by another person who was first in line when the shelter opened. All adoptions

are done on a first come first served basis. The animal lover who visited

Silky every day missed out on getting him by just one or two persons ahead

of her but she can take credit for befriending a lonely little pup when

he needed it the most. Silky’s fan was indeed a true animal lover.

The only exception to the first come, first served practice goes to the

citizen who turns in a stray pet and expresses a desire to adopt it. If

an owner is not located during the legal holding period the one who finds

the pet is given the first chance to adopt it.

Pets for adoption this week include Patches and Spanky, a couple of Pekingese

mix brothers who are four months old and are already victims of their owner’s

moving plans. These are cute puppies. There is also a litter of five Shih

Tzu mixes, just eight weeks old, whose owner has released them to the shelter

“to find a home.” All of these puppies as well as Patches and

Spanky are pretty well adjusted at this point.

A neutered male, tan and white cocker is especially good natured. A former

stray, he is thought to be about five years old.

Buster, a chocolate lab mix looks like a big guy till you get to his

short Bassett type lets. He’s a nice dog but his owner didn’t housebreak

him and is moving and unable to care for him.

A young cream colored Lab mix is a very loving dog and wants to play.

Unfortunately she is one of several lab mixes in need of a home and eager

to please. Not all can be expected to be lucky.

Kittens are in abundance but although an adult, Salty, a calico female

with lovely blue eyes is exceptional. She is housebroken and good with children

but ended up in the shelter because the owner has “too many cats.”

Salty is not listed as spayed, no surprise here. If she’s adopted she’ll

be eligible for reduced cost spaying.

Scraper, an already neutered, young gray male is ready to make someone

a good companion. He was released to the shelter because his owner passed

away. He, too is housebroken and good with kids.

Last week’s photo line up resulted in only two adoptions — the Dalmatian

and the kitten. Just like his look alike the week before, the young Shepherd

mix pup with the large upright ears got sick and was euthanized. These two

could have passed for brothers. They were nice pups who apparently hadn’t

been given any protective shots by their owners and couldn’t hold up to

shelter life and being exposed to so many other dogs.

Dante and Dominique, two other 4- month old brothers listed in the round

up, got homes but the 9-month-old, female black Lab did not and the quiet,

6-month old female Rottie mix is still waiting. When mixed breed puppies

reach six to nine months, their chances of getting a new home diminish considerably

and even more so if they’re females. Folks don’t want to take on an animal

who might be pregnant but until spaying and neutering become more common,

things aren’t apt to change much.


From left to right: Curly, male cocker spaniel; Goofus, male gray

kitten: Patches, male Pekingese; Salty, female Calico. Photos by Nancy White.




The Prince William Animal Shelter is at 14807 Dumfries Road and the phone

number is (703) 792-6465. Adoption fee is $20 plus one half of the spay/neuter

fee. Visiting hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.;

Thursday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The shelter is

closed Sunday and Monday.


· Buster, Chocolate Lab/Bassett mix, SAR No. 4046; male, 45

pounds, good with children. Owners are “moving/unable to care for.”

*· Patches, Peke mix, SAR No. 4167; male, 4 months, white/black

spots, long coat, 15 pounds. Owner is “moving.”

*· Cocker spaniel, SAR No. 3995; neutered male, about 5 years,

tan/white. Stray.

*· Salty, calico cat with blue eyes, SAR No. 4124; female,

2 years, housebroken/good with children. Owner has “too many cats.”

*· Gray and white long haired kitten, SAR No. 4117; male, 3

months. Stray.

· Scraper, gray cat with white on neck, SAR No. 3886; neutered

male, one and a half years, housebroken/good with kids. In shelter because:

owner passed away.

· Spanky, Pekingese mix, SAR No. 4166; male, 4 months, white/tan

marks. Owner “moving.”

· Lab mix, SAR No. 3927; cream female, 40 pounds, nice dog/wants

to play. Former stray.

· Lab mix, SAR No. 3973; female, 1 year, 65 pounds, nice dog/strong.

Former stray.

· Coco, Hound/Lab mix, SAR No. 4113; brindle female, 6 months,

good with kids. Given up by owner because: “too big for our townhouse.”

· Harley, Lab mix, SAR No. 3993; neutered male, 9 months, crate

trained/good with kids, black with white on chest. This is a dog who is

eager to please. Given up by owner because: “my apartment is too small,

I’m pregnant and he’s just not affordable.”





Manassas and Manassas Park City Shelter is at 9050 Liberia Ave., (703)

361-2812; adoption fee is $15/$20 plus one half of the spay/neuter fee.

Visiting hours are Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday to Friday, 110 a.m.

to 5 p.m. and Tuesday until 7 p.m.




Pet Assistance league: To adopt a pet, call (703) 441-9310 or (703) 221-8937

or see at PETsMART in Woodbridge, Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lady the

cocker was adopted; other cockers available.

· 12-pound Chihuahua brothers Kobe and Shaq are neutered and

just 1 year old. PAL is looking for a home where they can remain together.

· Peewee, Beagle; spayed, 2 years.

· Rocky, Shepherd mix; neutered male, 2 years.

· Lots of cockers; mostly buff and white.

· Brandy, Border collie mix; spayed, 6 months.

· Josie, Greyhound mix; spayed, 1 year.

· Trudy, black Lab; spayed, 8 months.

· Shiloh, Lab/Pit bull mix; neutered, 9 months.

· Greta, Rottie mix; spayed, 3 years.

· Tyson, Shepherd mix; neutered, 4-5 months.

· Lexus, Sheltie mix; spayed, 1 and a half years.



Unclaimed Treasure

“If my owner doesn’t come to redeem me I’ll be forced to wait

10 days before I can be put up for adoption. Where is my owner?” Photos

by Nancy White.












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