White nails second NABI title


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Henry White Jr. of Brandywine, Md., collected his second career National Amateur Bowlers (NABI) title when he won the Baltimore-Washington Region NABI Tournament hosted by AMF Alexandria (Va.) Bowl, March 15-16.

It took a handicap series score of 672 or higher in the semifinals for the top five bowlers to advance to the finals.

A two fame (9th and 10th frames) roll-off between Melvin Holmes and Paul Robinson was conducted to determine third and fourth place seeding in the finals. Robinson won the roll-off.

In match 1 of the stepladder finals, fifth seeded Betty Mead, Arlington, Va., knocked off fourth seeded Melvin Holmes, Lanham, Md., 228-196. Holmes went home with the $125 check for 5th place. In match 2, third seeded Paul Robinson, Upper Marlboro, Md., stopped Mead’s quest for a title, 214-178. Mead put the $150 4th place check in her purse. Second seeded Michael Madero, Pasadena, Md., sent Robinson to the sidelines in match 3, 200-163. Robinson pocketed the $200 3rd place check.

In the championship match, top seeded White triumphed over Madero, 213-186. White claimed the $800 purse, was presented a championshp jacket with a paid entry into the 2003 NABI National Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas, Nev., and secured reserved seating to the Tournament of Champions Banquet. White earned an additional $746.55 by winning the Progressive Side Pot.

“Winning $1,546.55 in a weekend amateur tournament is one heck of a rush,” exclaimed White. “I was lucky. Converting most of my spares helped me win this event.”

Madero went home with the $400 runner-up prize and garnered $320.10 for taking 2nd place in the Prorgessive Side Pot.

Other cashers: 6th-10th place, Drexall Butler, Upper Marlboro, Md., and Derick Jackson, Joppa, Md., tied with a handicap series score of 667; Eric Brockman, Dumfries, Va., and Amy Stewart, Bowie, Md., tied with a handicap series score of 633; and Denise Whitfield, Odenton, Md., 631, $100 each. Michael Ivory, Upper Marlboro, Md., 622, 11th place $90; Gregory Edwards, Waldorf, Md., 610, 12th place $85; Sean Belton, Upper Marlboro, Md., 609, 13th place $80; Ronald Steele, Forestville, Md., 603, 14th place $75; and Lesa Moore, Oxon Hill, Md., 599, 15th place $65. 16th-20th place, Fran Hresan, Springfield, Va., 597; Michael Thomas, Upper Marlboro, Md., 580; Tracy Montague, Upper Marlboro, Md., 576; Jim Tyrrell, Leesburg, Va., 574; and Warren King, Upper Marlboro, Md., 570, $60 each. Charnita Robinson, Mitchellville, Md., 567, 21st place $53. 22nd-25th place, Regina McKoy, East Orange, N.J., 563; Christopher Elliott, Upper Marlboro, Md., 541; Harold Gregg, Alexandria, Va., 533; and Thomas Snow, Capitol Heights, Md., 393, $50 each.



The American Bowling Congress Hall of Fame grew by two on Thursday night, March 13, when the late Lowell Jackson, an outstanding bowler in the 1930s and ’40s despite being almost blind, and International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame advocate Nick Mormando of Levittown, N.Y., were inducted.

Jackson, who was born in St. Louis, Mo., in 1909 and died in 1979 in Dallas, Texas, unofficially became the sport’s first “professional” when he was signed by Brunswick to bowl exhibitions and promote the company’s products at age 20.

Despite a childhood accident that left him completely blind in one eye and 80 percent visually impaired in the other, Jackson won match game and all-events championships in St. Louis, New Orleans, Dallas and Houston during his colorful career.

Beyond his accomplishments on the lanes, Jackson altered the game forever when he introducted the idea of using “markers” on the lanes for targeting purposes because he was going blind. He “sold” the rights to his “Range Finder” concept to Brunswick in 1936 for $1. ABC approved the permanent lane dots and arrows, previously illegal, for sanctioned competition in 1939.

“Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is something my father would consider a great honor,” said Jackson’s son, Ricky, who spoke before the crowd of nearly 2,000 at the Knoxville Convention Center. “Bowling was his first love.”

Mormando, who is already enshrined in the Bowling Proprietors Association of America wing of the IBM/HF in St. Louis as a BPAA Victor Lerner Memorial Medal winner, has devoted more than 20 years of service to the Hall of Fame as its most successful fund-raiser.

He not only led efforts to get bowling manufacturers and proprietors involved, but he chaired the site-selection, design and construction committees.

Throughout his more than five decades of involvement in the sport, including more than 50 years as a proprietor, Mormando has been an outspoken advocate for sanctioned competition.

“As far as my bowling career goes, this is my biggest night,” Mormando said. “I love this business. Bowling is my life. Bowling is my family.”



President of the Southern Bowling Writers Association Don Wright announced that the organization’s membership selected Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla., 2002 Southern Male Bowler of the Year and Dena Hicks, Elgin, Okla. (holder of 5 Professional Women’s Association Regional Tour titles and recipient of the 1998, 1999 and 2002 Southwest Bowler of the Year honors), 2002 Southern Female Bowler of the Year.



The National Women Bowling Writers Association will honor four special award recipients at its annual meeting luncheon April 27 at the Reno-Sparks (Nev.) Convention Center.

The awards, named for honored members of the NWBW, are presented each year to members who distinguish themselves with their promotion through the field of journalism.

Honored for 2003 will be:

Eloise Cottrell of Eureka, Calif., will be presented the Mary Jannetto Award for the Outstanding NWBW Member in Promotion of Local Bowling.

Ruth Heath-Trott of Montpelier, Ohio, will be awarded the Jo Ettien Lieber Award for Distinguished Service to the Game of Tenpins.

Henry Fankhauser of Silver Spring, Md., will be the recipient of the Alberta E. Crowe Award for Distinguished Service in the Communications Field.

Gail Smith of Millbrae, Calif., will receive the Helen Duval AMF Award for Outstanding Service to the Young American Bowling Alliance.

Reservations for the luncheon may be made by using the form in the NWBW publication Knows for News or by contacting Chairman Kathy Bruegeman at [email protected] or by telephone (916) 213-5875.



Delegates attending the annual American Bowling Congress meeting at the Knoxville (Tenn.) Convention Center voted 630-628 on March 14 to reject a proposal to merge their organization with the Women’s International Bowling Congress, Young American Bowling Alliance and USA Bowling to form the new United States Bowling Congress, a single membership organization. A two-thirds majority vote was required for approval.

Since the YABA and USA Bowling have already approved the proposed merger plan, the fate of the new organization to become a reality now rests squarely upon the Women’s International Bowling Congress Delegates attending their Annual Meeting in Reno, Nev., on April 29.

For the proposed USBC to become a reality, either the ABC or WIBC was required to adopt the merger plan.

First, the WIBC Board of Directors must present a motion to rescind the 2002 delegate action to delay the vote until 2004. If the motion passes, the WIBC delegation will vote on the proposed merger.

“It is time for women to take a leadership role, just as they did in 1916 when the WIBC was formed, and vote to approve the Plan of Merger with YABA and USA Bowling,” WIBC President Sylvia Broyles said.

Part of that leadership would come because the USBC would apply to the United States Olympic Committee to become bowling’s national governing body. Because ABC’s delegates voted not to become part of USBC, it would be a separate organization serving adults, but not youth bowlers.

“We can be instrumental in becoming the national governing body for bowling,” said WIBC Executive Director Roseann Kuhn. “This is a tremendous opportunity for women to help dictate how this game is played and how we move forward in helping this sport grow.”

“Skeptics will say the women will be unable to make this happen. This will serve only to motivate them,” Kuhn added. “It is time for a `call to action’ of the WIBC delegation to stand up and be counted to unify the industry. If we lose this opportunity, we will never get it again.”

The WIBC Board plans to communicate directly with each delegate prior to the meeting to provide them with the same information that was provided to the ABC delegates relative to the power and control the delegation will have under the USBC proposal and under the Articles of Incorporation.

“It is extemely important that our delegates have all of the necessary information before them so they can make a wise and informed decision,” Kuhn said. “WIBC associations should re-think their original positions because of the leadership opportunities ABC’s decision has provided to women.”



The Washington D.C. Area Women’s Bowling Association has scheduled its annual meeting Sunday, April 6 (Remember Daylight Savings Time beings on this day), at the Hampton Inn-South, 5821 Richmond Highway, in Alexandria, Va.

This meeting is open to all members of the association.

Registration and brunch begins at 11 a.m. with the meeting starting at 12:15 p.m.

The meeting agenda will include election of officers and directors, a presentation on the proposed Single Membership Organization to form the United States Bowling Congress, and presentation of the association’s Secretary of the Year award.

Following adjournment of the meeting, a bowling side tournament will be held at AMF Alexandria Bowl.

For more information, telephone the WDCAWBA Office at (240) 695-1985.



The 10th Annual Mini-Eliminator will be held at The Orleans Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nev., July 3-13.

The following playing divisions are scheduled: Age 39 and Under; Ages 40-49; Age 50 and Over; and Super Seniors, Age 60 and Over (as of July 3 for all divisions). A separate Women’s Divison (Women bowlers 50 and over may compete in the Senior Division) and a 205 and Under Division will also be held.

There are 5 ways to enter this event:

Mail entry to: Mini-Eliminator, P.O., Box 13853, Las Vegas, NV 89112 (Personal checks must be postmarked on or before June 9).

Fax your credit card entry to (702) 451-6135

Enter by credit card on-line www. minieliminator.com.

Phone in your credit card entry (877) 900-MINI.

Walk into The Orleans and pay before you bowl (checks will not be accepted).


Comments, questions or recommendations concerning this column are welcome. Telephone Ted Gruszkowski at (703) 590-2444.


The weekly high scores bowled in league competition are published below:


Sunday Night. Men: York Rankin Jr. 258-222-651; Greg Wilhelm 235-200-204-639; Dan Lorenz 259; Tony Sewell 215; Brian Bartelt 212; Leonard Blazio 211; Phil Lindermuth 204; Bobby McCoy 202; Larry Field 201. Women: Dara Sewell 237-233-225-695; Lisa Manganiello 201; Kam McGaughey 185; Cindy Maurer 180; Pat Prasad 180.

Kings & Queens. Men: Chris Gutshall 226-237-268-731; Doug Woodberry 243-279-721; Martin Allen 215-587. Women: Sheila Allen 159-161-231-551; Penny Woodberry 155-166-187-508; Elaine Bedard 197-462; Marie Snyder 189; Carolyn English 179; Linda Smith 165; Jayme Johnson 159.

Tuesday Seniors. Men: John Lyon 236-581; Leroy Bertrand 205-573; Louis Achille 208-548; Forest King 202-518. Woman: Eleanor Achille 194-504.

Strikes, Spares & Mrs. Suzanne Lance 222-191-202-615; Eva Hatch 159-192-172-523; Doris Lenyon 224-159-508; Donna Koczot-Grant 154-183-153-490; Paulene Roark 206-489; Monica Giggetts 176; Jackie Carroll 175; Tina Cech 172; Millie Neff 169; Betty Greene 162.

Original Thursday. Men: Mike Snow 220-232-265-717; Martin Toman 253-212-211-676; Bud Petty 221-214-216-651; Matt Fletcher 233-225-639; Joe Wright 221-228-635; A.J. Johnson 236; Teddy Weaver 236; Chris Grecek 218; Buddy Watt 212; John White 205. Women: Marianne Grecek 177-235-170-582; Penny Faber 192-168-193-553; Becky Toman 199-199-551; Julie Grimes 170-170-170-510; Suzanne Lance 199; Sylvia Mobley 192; Dee Dee Daye 180; Eileen Ruzicka 175.

Preps, Youth. Boys: Jim Lowe 159-110-180-449; Jeremy Stokes 170-117-155-442; Ricky Wallace Jr. 131-137-174-442; Malcolm James 156-130-106-392; B.J. Stokes Jr. 140; Kevin Garman 139; Jesse Cole 133; T.J Padillo 130. Girls: Becky Haskins 123-106-143-372; Cherie Flaten 152-121-96-369; Jessica Wallace 100-121-135-356; Amanda Watt 106-126-120-352; Dawn Zinda 126; Dominique Davis 112; Jacqueline Johnson 102; Janeen Lloyd 100.

Juniors, Youth. Boys: Jason Demsko 161-150-135-446; Steven Lee 160-163-120-443; Josh Dallos 157-153-130-440; Isaiah Owens 149-138-123-410; Matt McCormick 200; Cameron Scheider 137. Girls: Melissa Fletcher 214-171-145-530; Erica Layton 174-117-172-463; Angel McGuire 169; Nicole Welch 151.

Majors, Youth. Boys: Will Moon 154-224-196-574; Jeff Moon 165-181-194-540. Girls: Amy Stewart 200-139-182-521; Shante Parker 129-200-176-505; Dawn Demsko 145-181-160-486; Melissa Burcham 151-157-135-443.



Sunday Night Mixers. Men: Keith Nailor 245-234-206-685; Jim Stepanich 242-205-657; Daniel Elswick 265-648; Rick Collins 227-216-629; Pete Wingers 288-626; Daniel Purcell 237; Leroy Chapman 236; Tamer McGuire 235; Larry Hayes 234; Jack Ondo 232. Women: Janice Cephas 221-581; Val Greer 210-579; Janet Harrison 571; Verna Swift 565; Judy Seitz 204-552; Wray Jones 236; Friz Bennett 223; Barbara Reeve 214; Brenda Montgomery 202.

Monday Early. Men: Cliff Fisher 234-256-243-733; Bud Welch 249-234-220-703; Jim Noyes 212-233-639; Terry Sears 246; Curtis Swift 245; Al Wood 231. Women: Linda McGuire 180-214-542; Debbie Sears 170-223-538; Verna Swift 222-161-528; Jean Gillis 212; Sharon Smith 203; Rebecca Toman 202.

Dale City Men’s Commerical. Derek Petty 268-237-230-735; Ken Pritchard 248-257-227-732; Mark Glover 237-233-256-726; Tim Markish 225-245-246-716; Jim Einhorn 235-279-705; Eric Kroeger 289; Jim Wolfe 279; Phillip Hiob 169; Ed Martin 268; Jim Troutman 268.

Merchants. Men: Dave Wollersheim 255-247-255-757; Andrew Campbell 247-248-223-718; Randy Wood 257-248-690; Ken Catterton 235-221-223-679; Doug Hammers 221-257-201-679; Robbie Gift 279; Dick Markle 275; Matt Ayers 264; Harold Haycraft Jr. 256; John Sims Sr. 256. Women: Ruth Bache 235-172-226-633; Renee Wood 251-179-186-616; Pat Von Nieda 160-223-224-607; Kim Luxeder 226-206-165-597; Rhonda Dickson 212-150-234-596; Diana Osborne 255; Deb Sweeney 233; Sue Bulka 228; Linda Glass 216; Cindy Swords 214.

Ladies Nite Out. Andrea Turner 245-215-184-644; Beverly Hargrove 192-185-222-602; Nancy Mankin 162-210-226-598; Teresa Lloyd 201-181-213-595; Terri Franklin 181-230-176-587; Sherry McKinney 228; Sharon Poole 223; Docie Whitlock 216; Shirley Ginwright 211; Peggy Shannon-Lomax 204.

Thursday Nite. Men: Randy Greer 206-201-211-618; Brad Strickland 200-191-216-607; Rick Collins 192-234-602; Mark Poppe 202-215-588; Skip Barge 216-191-575; Danny Sams 266; Bill Glass 233; Gary Sams 209; Art Woods 209; Jaz Thompson 207; Tony Karnas 204; Glenn Keffer 204. Women: Judy Poppe 153-216-256-625; Debbie Collins 213-193-211-617; Rita Winston 201-173-220-594; Lynda Watkins 183-189-166-538; Barbee Moomaw 180-167-190-537; Doris Lenyon 204; Alberta Townes 204; Val Greer 201; Patsy Corbin 190; Missi Strickland 182; Doreen Lawrence 178.


Belvoir Research & Development Center. Men: Dave Mallery 238-229-212-679; Dennis Kilpatrick 214-211-211-635; Larry Barlow 214-200-603; Terry Kamerer 201-592; Jamie Walker 236-592; Mark Poppe 234; Ron Sanders 219; Ray Thiesen 219; Rick Sprague 217; Pat Walker 213. Woman: Janet Harrison 213-569.

Friday Nite Mixers. Men: Milt Roberts 224-219-209-652; Dan Moore 245-217-640; Larry Grant 237-204-639; Mike Oetker 246-623; Bill Wasner 236-606; Dennis Churchin 225; Tom Waelty 224; Matt Clark 223; Tom Opoien 214; Rich Comiso 209. Women: Deanie Deitterick 225-174-558; Deb Wasner 219-192-530; Theresa Sutton 211-177-517; Cheryl Mims 177-170-516; Linda Hopkins 182-174-507; Eden MacCluskey 213; Tisa Boatright 202; Maggi Patton 184; Terri Hull 181; Wendy Grice 180.


Garrisonville Girls. Janet Alexandrer 214-157-519; Linda Chappell 190-150-177-517; Marilyn Griveas 194-161-158-513; Wanda Andrews 177; Jennifer Williamson 174; Kim Hood 172.

Thursday Night Doubles. Men: Jon Blanton 214-256-660; Gene Ginther 221-235-201-657; Brandon Blanton 212-212-224-648; Bob Gift 224-220-638; John Mussomele 222; Jim Spellman 216; George Runkle 215; John Windey 215; Butch Schlegel 212. Women: Dawn Meiers 182-177-163-522; Carol Van Horn 150-178-152-480; Pam Spellman 154-178-479; Sue Ellen Willard 152-165-161-478; Ursula Windey 181; Barbara Giese 157; Sung Hi Myers 156; Margaret Harmon 155; Chris Raniszewski 153.

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