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special video and photo coverage of the 9/11 anniversary.

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Interviews with readers affected by events of that day

• Video report on donors who flocked to Virginia Blood Services

• How the Times-Dispatch put

out a special edition that afternoon

• Photo gallery of the 9/11 sites today

• Reader recollections

Scenes from Richmond on 9/11

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Roundtable on 9/11

Members of the Times-Dispatch editorial staff discuss topics

related to the fifth anniversary of the terror attacks

on America

on Sept. 11, 2001.





pdf copies of the Times-Dispatch’s

special edition

from Sept. 11, 2001.

Extra edition 9/11/2001

See a video report on how the Extra edition was produced.



Five years after 9/11



Ground zero is a construction pit. The Pentagon has healed and buttoned up tighter.

The grassy field in Shanksville, Pa., is so quiet you can hear the wind blow,

until the next tour bus roars over the ridge.

Ground Zero
The Pentagon
United 93 Memorials
Multimedia: Photographer

Bruce Parker

narrates a gallery of scenes

from the sites of the 9/11 attacks.

The three

places where al-Qaida hijackers crashed jetliners Sept. 11 are as starkly

different as they were before that day. Their raw emotional edges are

worn down, and each site is being fitted for a monument. Some young

people already think of the crash sites as historical sites, like battlefields

of the Civil War.

But the

impact points are far from sterile. They still evoke strong emotions.

And at the fifth anniversary, they attract a mix of visitors, from

the tearful to the angry, to the jaded to the skeptical.



York | Arlington | Pennsylvania



we’ve changed

Five years later, everyone still remembers where they were when

that first plane struck and World Trade Center. They remember the

smoldering hole. They say they always will. READ STORY


face intolerance

in an altered world


attacks from a child’s view

in religion swells, recedes


calls some to enlist in Guard


of loyalty, love of country


response fuels business


culture steps gingerly at first
New regard for everyday moments


9/11 death breaks a family apart

FALMOUTH – Life, especially life with young children, would not stand still for

Cheryle Sincock’s grown daughters after American Flight 77 ripped into the Pentagon.

Daughters of Cheryle SincockIn the five

years since Sincock died, a daughter has married and given birth to

two sons. Another daughter has divorced and made a fresh start. Sincock’s

husband, Craig, has remarried, too, and moved out of the home that

was too painful to live in. And a fight over nearly $700,000 in federal

compensation has led to the estrangement of Craig Sincock from his

three stepdaughters of 25 years, who still refer to him as Dad.

Such are

the new beginnings and the collateral damage of life without Cheryle

Sincock. READ




was like the city had just kind of stopped’

What Ken Garcia remembers is what an unseasonably pleasant day it was

Ken Garcia“Usually, it’s very hot [in New York City] that time of year,” he

said, while recalling the trek from his apartment in Queens to his

job at a public-relations firm in midtown Manhattan. “That

day happened to be one with a clear blue sky and a little bit of

a breeze.

It was a glorious day.”


until the unthinkable happened and made Sept. 11 infamous. READ


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