Manassas Journal Messenger | Jacko spotted in Manassas

He’s recorded hits like “Smooth Criminal,” “Billie Jean” and “Thriller” – and he might have been in Manassas on Thursday.

Multiple employees of New Dimensions Inc. in Manassas said they saw the self-described “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, in the Manassas Borders during their lunch break.

The 48-year-old Jackson has been scouting the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a possible new home, so it is not inconceivable that the pop star would be in the region.

“He was pretty well disguised,” said Sarah Larkin, adding that he was wearing a baseball cap and his head was pretty much covered up. He was also wearing all black.

“He was in the kids section and he did buy some books,” said Larkin, 29, of Manassas, a marketing coordinator.

But if no one saw his face, was it really Jackson?

A spokesperson for Jackson did not say whether or not Jackson made a stop in Borders.

“He’s looking up and down the entire coast for property,” said William Marshall, Jackson’s spokesperson.

Those who saw the mysterious person are sure it was Jackson.

“It was definitely him, hunched down, looking at videos, trying to keep low-key,” said receptionist Doris McCrea, 49, of Manassas. McCrea said she saw him looking through thriller and horror movies before heading over to the kids’ section.

Borders district marketing manager Dalia Goldgor said that they were asked to suppress the story.

“No one in the store ever saw the guy’s face,” Goldgor said. She did not confirm whether Jackson had paid a visit to Manassas.

“I do know it was him because I went up there today and talked to one of the cashiers and I asked her if he was there yesterday and she said, “Yes, he was,’ ” said McCrea. She added that two bodyguards accompanied Jackson.

“One of his guards had a big bag and they had a lot of stuff in there,” said McCrea, adding that she did not see what was purchased.

She also said that one of her coworkers said she saw his distinct nose.

“It was kind of cool to see him there,” said McCrea.


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