Before 9/11

Most people thought he was just another lunatic with extremist views and an appetite for murder. Though Mir Aimal Kasi murdered two and wounded three using an AK-47 assault rifle outside CIA headquarters in 1993, many were ready to write him off as a Sirhan Sirhan or Russell Weston-type individual.

When Hasi’s crimes are placed like a puzzle piece with terrorist crimes of the 1990s and those committed during this decade, his acts are even more chilling. In a sense, Kasi was one of the first terrorists. He randomly assassinated two CIA employees and was executed last week without recognizing the fact he’d committed a crime. His reason was the CIA’s actions in the Middle East against fellow Muslims.

The progression of terrorist acts against this country from the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 until the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and the continued threats, shows an eerie trend of violence against Americans military and civilian along with men, women and children.

It seems that 1993 was a seminal year for terrorism against America that progressed through embassy bombings, barracks bombings in Saudi Arabia and the attack on the USS Cole. It seems the Islamic radicals had declared war on America in the early 1990s but America had never declared war back. The attention-getter was the Sept. 11 attacks, more specifically, the second plane that crashed into the World Trade Center. Caught on live television, one journalist called it the world’s most shocking press release.

Kasi’s execution and foreign threats on Americans that went along with it underscored the fact that we are still in a serious war against terrorism. It’s a war that’s far from over. Some say the war began with the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. But the actions of Mir Aimal Kasi tell us that it began much earlier.

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