Lane Ranger for March 31

Dear Lane Ranger:

I am turning to you as my last resort. Several of us park in the commuter lot that is located on the Kmart property.For the last four months, there are fewer parking spots as large trash haulers and tractor trailers have been using the lot as their parking lot.This morning there were eight trucks parked in the commuter lot, which did not leave a lot of room for anything else.

I have made calls to the Virginia Department of Transportation asking for their assistance and after being shuffled from one office to another was told the commuter lot is not the responsibility of VDOT, rather it is the responsibility of Kmart.I have asked the manager if there was anything she could do about it and her response was she didn’t have time and also she was a bit afraid of one of the drivers.

This lot was convenient and had a lot to offer but lately, many of us have had to abandon our spots because of this truck conflict. Also, maybe someone could find out who dumped the school bus in the lot almost six months ago. Thanks for letting me vent.

— A former Kmart Lot Commuter

Dear Former:

It is the Lane Ranger’s understanding that commercial entities generally own the parking lots adjacent to their stores.

For years, commuters have been getting a free ride, or maybe “a free park” is more apropos, when department stores allowed them to use their lots during the day without charge.

Perhaps commuter parking has become inconvenient for Kmart.

— The Lane Ranger

Dear Lane Ranger:

As I traveled south on Jeff Davis Highway near the police station on 3/11/03, I noticed a 4’x4′ cardboard sign affixed to a telephone pole. In black magic marker the sign read,”Debra Perry will you marry me.” As I traveled north on Jeff Davis near river River Oaks I noticed the same cardboard sign with the same message. I later traveled Dale Blvd. and noticed the same type signs affixed to telephone poles. I know you are the Lane Ranger, and you seem to know and get all the answers about the roads in our area. Do you know if Debbie Perry said yes? Also I liked the guy’s idea, but the cardboard was tacky! — Anthony E. Spencer.

Dear Anthony:

Every reporter in the newsroom has, at one time or another, been mobilized to find and talk to Debra Perry or the one who posted the signs.

While the Lane Ranger certainly appreciates the fact that you think he is omniprescient, we have had little luck in locating Ms. Perry or her hapless suitor.

But it doesn’t look good — The Lane Ranger recently saw a sign near Wendy’s in Woodbridge: “Debra Perry, I did not cheat on you. Please come back. I love you.”

Oh, the vagaries of love.

— The Lane Ranger

New west-end light

The traffic signal at the intersection of Linton Hall Road and Worthington Drive went active last week. We had a letter recently wondering when it would be done. The signal was built from Virginia Department of Transportation incidental construction funds of $105,000.

Battlefield bypass forum

There are probably only less than 100 people who can accurately say where the Tri-County Parkway, the concept of a Western Bypass, and the Va. 234 extension/Va. 659 realignment are envisioned to go.

Maybe you don’t care about roads and are just interested in real estate speculation. That Tri-County is going to make some Manassas neighborhoods more accessible.

Explore the impact of constructing Va 29 and Va. 234 bypasses around the Manassas National Battlefield with engineers and planners from the Battlefield Bypass and Tri-County Parkway study groups and Prince William and Fairfax officials today, March 31, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Sudley United Methodist Church. For information call (703) 670-3277.

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