Manassas man charged in attack

Police arrested a Manassas man they say attacked a woman at 1:35 a.m. Friday on Byrd Drive near Grant Avenue, said Sgt. Marc Woolverton, Manassas police spokesman.

Juan Hernandez-Orundo, 29, of 9309 Taney Road has been charged with felony assault with intent to defile and assault and battery.

The 38-year-old Manassas woman told police a staggering man approached her as she walked on the sidewalk along Byrd Drive. She left the sidewalk and walked in the road to avoid the man.

The victim told police the man called to her and then chased her. When the man caught up to her, the woman said he grabbed her and held her while he unzipped his pants.

She said she fought her assailant and escaped after she hit him and scratched him on the neck with her keys.

After she escaped, the woman ran to a friend’s house in the 9600 block of Grant Avenue and yelled for help. The man followed the woman to the front steps of the house but fled down Byrd Drive when the porch light came on, Woolverton said.

Manassas police Officer Louis Sanchez responded to the emergency call from the house on Grant Avenue where the victim gave a description of her assailant, Woolverton said. Sanchez found Hernandez-Orundo walking along Byrd Avenue near Aspen Place a few minutes later. He detained Hernandez-Orundo while the victim was brought to the scene where she identified Hernandez-Orundo as the man who attacked her, Woolverton said.

Hernandez-Orundo is being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 29.

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