Manassas Journal Messenger | Outage delays Muhammad trial

A power outage at the Virginia Beach courthouse has delayed the trial of sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad for a day.

A faulty underground cable leading to a transformer failed, damaging the transformer, Dominion Virginia Power spokesman Chuck Penn said.

Only the courthouse was affected by the outage. The jail and other buildings in Virginia Beach’s sprawling municipal complex were not affected.

Dominion Virginia Power received notice of the outage at 4:30 this morning, Penn said. Had the transformer still been good, the power would have been back on by noon, he said. Repair crews digging up the line and transformer this morning had a goal of 6 a.m. Friday morning to restore power, but Penn said it would probably be back on before that.

The trial is expected to resume at normal time Friday morning.

Staff writers Maria Hegstad and Chris Newman can be reached at (757) 219-2727.

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