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Letters to the Editor

 June 30, 1999




William County – Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce





All should show honor to our flag:

To the Editor:

Honor To Our Flag

When we express love for the Flag of our country, we

are honoring those who fought in defense of the God-given rights upon which

American democracy and our great Republic were founded-the freedoms which

we enjoy and our Flag represents. We rededicate ourselves to the principles

set forth in the Declaration of Independence, in the United States Constitution

and in the Bill of Rights. The Flag of our nation symbolizes those principles-the

freedom to live, speak, worship and to progress according to our own wills

and abilities.

This occasion has special significance for members of

the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, because our members have

carried the Stars and Stripes into battle in many foreign lands, on hostile

seas and against enemy air forces around the globe.

We who belong to the Veterans of Foreign Wars have seen

many men sacrifice their lives in defense of our Flag. We have draped the

coffins of those comrades with the Stars and Stripes as a token of our respect.

Above their resting places we keep the Stars and Stripes waving proudly

as a continuing tribute to their courage and sacrifice.

The red in our nation’s emblem is made brilliant by the

heroism of our fighting men; the white becomes more stainlessly pure because

of the high motives which impelled them; and the blue in the starry field

is made more beautiful by the services which our war veterans performed

to keep intact, for all of us, the American way of life.

Our way of life has not been gained cheaply. A million

or more Americans have sacrificed their lives since the birth of this nation.

Thousands of others suffer disabilities today-because they had the courage

to fight for freedom. These are the thoughts we should keep in mind as we

pledge allegiance to the Flag-and as we sing our national anthem-The Star

Spangled Banner.

Finally we say-thank God we are Americans. Thank God

we are the fortunate people who may think and speak and worship freely,

without fear, under the Stars and Stripes.

That is why we rededicate ourselves to the high ideals

this Flag represents. Through our everlasting devotion and courage, we shall

always keep it flying as the proud and beautiful symbol of freedom, dignity

and opportunity in a less than perfect world.

Comdr. J.F. “Jim” Werner

V.F.W. Dept. Virginia 1993-94


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