Manassas Journal Messenger | Misery

Sooner or later the people of Iraq will begin to equate the so-called “resistance” with the misery that’s plagued that country during the reign and recent fall of Saddam Hussein.

The resistance in Iraq, regardless of its size and organization, has one goal. To evict the United States and impose its will on the people of Iraq. Part of this strategy is evident with the daily attacks on troops with an endless supply of rocket-propelled grenades (more plentiful than televisions in Iraq).

As the United States government begins to spend more money rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure, we begin to see a new strategy forming – sabotage. It’s all designed to prolong the misery of the Iraqi people.

If electricity comes back on, allowing people to cool their homes, the power grid is attacked. If running water is restored to neighborhoods, water mains are blown up.

The biggest act of sabotage occurred this past weekend when U.S. and Iraqi officials announced the reopening of a vital oil pipeline that allows the country to export crude to Turkey, and onto the world market. The key to rebuilding Iraq and returning it to the world community following the ouster of Saddam Hussein is to restore that country’s oil economy.

The export of oil will help pay the bills of reconstruction while providing jobs and stabilizing the national economy. A stable economy will also form a working and middle class needed for success and stability.

The resistance in Iraq realizes this and has declared war on all Iraqi infrastructure. The oil pipeline was hit twice this past weekend disrupting the flow of oil. Our troops are in position to maintain order and have done a good job so far.

The goal, however, is to convince most Iraqis that the protection of this valuable infrastructure is in their best interest. Our troops will need all the help they can get. Hopefully this help will come from the home guard, and soon.

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