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• Dale City Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter, R-31st District, defended his bill that would have required state employees to attempt to notify a parent after providing certain types of health care to minors.

Lingamfelter watered down a version of this bill dealing with notification for sexual, drug and suicide related treatments he had seen defeated in previous years. But after testimony from doctors, state Department of Health representatives and community health care providers, the Health Subcommittee of the House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee tabled the bill until today.

Health care providers said this bill would violate federal laws and the doctor-patient privelege, and would discourage troubled youth from seeking help. Many providers already involve parents when possible anyway, a community health service provider said.

The bill is unlikely to pass, legislative aides said. But at least it encouraged discussion on the topic, Lingamfelter said.

“I want you to go away with this question,” Lingamfelter said to the subcommittee. “What if your child were severely sick or involved in destructive behavior? Would you want to know?”

• Dumfries Delegate Jeffrey M. Frederick, R-52nd District, had his HB 1824 combined with two other similar bills by the House Health Subcommittee of the Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee on Monday. Frederick’s bill, similar to a bill created by the General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Health Care, would expand Virginia’s required screening for genetic diseases in newborns. The entire Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee will hear discussion on the bill Thursday morning.

• Charles City Delegate Floyd H. Miles Sr., D-74th District, of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Commission, presented Lynchburg Delegate L. Preston Bryant Jr., R-23rd District, with the annual Spirit of Martin Award Monday in honor of King’s birthday.

“He worked diligently to effect change and racial harmony in the community,” Miles said of Bryant.

Norfolk Senator Yvonne B. Miller, D-5th District, won the award in the Senate.

• Virginia Beach Delegate Robert F. McDonnell, R-84th District, recognized Sunday as the 219th anniversary of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom during Monday’s House of Delegates session.

“I think it’s appropriate today, on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., a man inspired by his faith,” said McDonnell, a candidate for Virginia Attorney General. “The nations that believe and practice [religious freedom] have freedom, and the ones that don’t have tyranny.”

• Woodbridge Delegate Michele B. McQuigg, R-51st District, introduced to fellow delegates Girl Scout troop 1415 as visitors to the Capitol.

— Sari Krieger

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