A house divided

Again, America faces world-altering forces while unity among its people is lacking. One faction accuses the other of politicizing the proposed steps to be taken, then turns around and starts politicizing those steps themselves every day and twice on Sunday.

If Hussein is able to cause America grief, he will not be deterred by waiting for the election results.

There are five issues facing America. Iraq is the fifth and latest one. It is, I might add, the most pressing one at this time. It is also the easiest one to solve and President Bush has and will continue to keep us on the right path while waiting for the UN to issue a resolution with enforceable stipulations. Sen. Warner recently pointed out that 16 UN resolutions were not enforced, and there was no assurance that the 17th one would either.

What is keeping Russia and Germany from supporting America? If it is about the payment of the debts Iraq owes them, surely they know they will still be paid by Iraq even if a new government is formed. In fact, a new government would have foreign trade on a much larger scale than now and thus could pay off the debts sooner. So, they have some other problem than just being worried about being repaid by Iraq.

The events that occurred on 9/11 did not change America. That is media hyperbole. America and the world changed in 1945 due to the event that took place in the Nevada desert. The world found out about it in August 1945. What is significant about 9/11 is the method and the magnitude of the attack. The fact of the matter is it could have been worse. August of ’45 proved that once and for all. Yet, we stay divided when trying to establish laws and resolutions to prevent it from happening again.

Ord O. Ely


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