Stop meddling in foreign affairs

Will someone please tell me what is wrong with our foreign policy. To note:

We supported bin Laden, the Taliban and the al Qaeda with millions in equipment and technology in Afghanistan’s war with Russia. Now bin Laden is our enemy.

We supported Saddam Hussein with weapons, technology and dollars in his war with Iran. Now he is supposedly our enemy.

We give millions in aid and equipment to Israel. What type of support do we give to Palestine, who is not our enemy? Nothing. Palestine was a nation when Israel was nothing but a sand pile.

We have supported every dictator throughout the world for the past 50-plus years the only one we haven’t supported is Castro and he is still in power while the others are long gone. What should that tell us?

Who is making these foreign policy decisions? It appears to me that our government should step back and review all of our foreign policy and start minding our own business instead of sticking our noses into everyone else’s business.

Kenneth L. Denton


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