The long wait

Hard times call for innovative ideas.

That’s the course being taken by a pair of unemployed, former DMV workers down in Hampton Roads. When their DMV office in Virginia Beach was closed due to Gov. Mark Warner’s recent budget cuts, Christie Black and Pat Hannas used the situation to their advantage. State budget cuts resulted in pink slips for hundreds of state employees including many with the DMV. Some offices were closed altogether. The cuts are expected to create longer lines as residents wait to get their drivers licenses, renew tags or transfer titles.

Black and Hannas created a business where (for a fee) residents don’t have to wait in line. They’ll do it for you. The company 2DMV 4U takes over the waiting process for those seeking to renew tags or transfer titles, according to an Associated Press story.

Both said they got the idea by seeing so many car dealers or tow company representatives wait in the long DMV lines in order to have changes made to auto registrations or titles. Now, the two claim they will handle the waiting and the paperwork. Who else would be better prepared in dealing with the tedious instructions and bureaucratic paperwork involved with doing business with the DMV. The standard DMV form in itself is a fine print nightmare. The form is so bad that most Virginians are “volunteering” to donate $2 to the Jamestown 400th Anniversary fund without even realizing it.

This just shows you what a little ingenuity can accomplish. But it’s also a sad commentary on the state of the DMV’s system of doing business. It’s becoming almost as dreadful as doing taxes.

It’s all the more reason for residents to conduct their DMV transactions on the Internet. That takes customers out of the long DMV lines. If not, residents can pay someone to wait in line for them.

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