COVERSTONE — Police found marijuana and crack cocaine Wednesday in an apartment during a search for a wanted individual and arrested two people, said Detective Dennis Mangan, Prince William Police spokesman.

Police saw marijuana in 7662 Cass Place, No. 304, while they were questioning people there about a suspect, Mangan said

The investigating officers called the vice-narcotics unit, which obtained a search warrant and entered the apartment where they found 1/2 ounce of crack cocaine, marijuana and $1,500 cash, Mangan said.

Police arrested Curtis Brown Jr., 20, and Jennifer L. Payne, 26, both of 7662 Cass Place, Mangan said

Police charged Brown with possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute. He was being held on $5,000 bond, Mangan said.

Payne was charged with possession of marijuana, Mangan said.

Man wakes to intruders in house

WOODBRIDGE — A man awoke at 12:22 a.m. Tuesday to find an intruder in the bedroom of his house in the 16800 block of Miranda Lane, said Detective Dennis Mangan, Prince William Police spokesman.

The man jumped up and punched the intruder several times. The burglar ran away with an accomplice, who was also in the house, Mangan said.

The victim called police, who found a white conversion van near the man’s house. Police thought the burglars had been driving the van but they did not find them, Mangan said.

Police ordered the van to be towed. While the tow truck driver was preparing to take the van, one of the suspects approached and asked to get some things from inside the vehicle, Mangan said.

The man followed the tow truck to the county impound lot where police arrested him, Mangan said.

Police charged Jean Pierre Martell, 20, of 48623 Crestleigh Court, Dumfries, with burglary and grand larceny, Mangan said.

On Wednesday, police arrested two others for the burglary, Mangan said.

Police charged Travis J. Isaac, 18, 3824 Wertz Drive, Montclair, and Tyreek J. Clark, 18, of 4126 Ashmere Circle, Montclair, with burglary and grand larceny. All are being held without bond, Mangan said.

Police said 12 game disks for PlayStation 2 were stolen and the burglars caused $500 damage to the sliding glass door when they entered the house.

— Keith Walker

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