Manassas-area girl kidnapped

COVERSTONE — A 50-year-old man abducted a 9-year-old girl Saturday evening while she played soccer with friends behind a store in a neighborhood northwest of Manassas, said Detective Dennis Mangan, Prince William police spokesman.

The children were playing in the 7600 block of Stream Walk Lane just after 7 p.m. when the kidnapper approached and joined in the game before abducting the girl, Mangan said.

“He just grabbed her up and took off with her,” Mangan said.

Police apprehended the kidnapping suspect late Saturday or early Sunday.

Franklin Todd Ritenour, no address given, was arrested by police. Ritenour is in police custody, Mangan said.

The girl is home safe, Mangan said.

Police Chief Charlie T. Deane will hold a press conference this afternoon to give additional details about the abduction, the subsequent investigation and Ritenour’s arrest, Mangan said.

Staff writer Keith Walker can be reached at (703) 878-8063.

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