U.S. Army Materiel Command will move to Fort Belvoir

Fort Belvoir will be home to a new command and about 1,100 new employees, contractors and soldiers when the U.S. Army Materiel Command moves onto base.

The AMC, one of the Army’s largest commands, is moving its headquarters from Alexandria to Fort Belvoir early next year.

The move was prompted primarily by security concerns.

“The events of Sept. 11 underscore our need for security and increased safety,” Maj. Gen. Richard Hack, AMC chief of staff, said in a written release.

For about 30 years, the command has operated out of leased space in the civilian community. The Army decided it was time to be part of a military installation, said AMC spokeswoman Melissa Bohan.

The AMC oversees all soldier supplies, including food, clothing, weapons and machinery.

The move to Fort Belvoir will also reduce the cost of leased space and increase efficiency, according to the AMC.

The command will move in stages, with the first group of employees moving into a building off Gunston Road in February.

The rest of the command staff will be moved into manufactured modular buildings by next fall.

The AMC is the Army’s only four-star headquarters that isn’t located on a military base.

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