Homeless man faces assault charges

A 29-year-old homeless man sexually assaulted the 7-year-old boy he shared a room with, Manassas city police said Wednesday.

Police charged David Michael Swett with three counts of animate object sexual penetration following his arrest Tuesday, said Sgt. Marc J. Woolverton, a Manassas police spokesman.

According to police statements, Swett had stayed in the same room as the 7-year-old; on three different occasions, the child woke up and found Swett assaulting him.

The boy’s father reported the actions to police on Monday, saying that acts occurred between April 3 and May 10, Woolverton said.

“The father had not been home during this period of time, leaving his son with other family members in the home,” Woolverton said.

Police arrested Swett at the residence without incident and has held him without bond. A court date has not been set.

If found guilty, Swett could face life in prison.

Staff writer Adam H. Beasley can be reached at (703) 878-8065.

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