Police: City gangs exchanged gunfire

Police arrested six rival gang members Sunday after a 2 p.m. altercation in the Coverstone area ended in gunfire, said Detective Dennis Mangan, Prince William police spokesman.

Two members of one gang were riding on Coverstone Drive in a 1987 blue Nissan 300ZX when four members of a rival gang drew along side in a black Toyota Camry, Mangan said.

The occupants of both cars exchanged gang-related hand gestures for a time and then a gang member in the Nissan fired three shots at the Camry.

FThe Nissan went from Coverstone Drive to the intersection of Lommond Drive and Sudley Road where it stopped at a traffic signal, Mangan said.

The occupants of Camry followed, jumped from the Toyota, ran to the Nissan and smashed the windows with baseball bats and tools, Mangan said.

Police stopped the Camry soon after the shooting and arrested a 19-year-old Manassas man, a 16-year-old Manassas boy and two 17-year-old Manassas boys, Mangan said. The Camry had two bullet holes in the side, Mangan said.

Police charged the teenagers and Jesus Mancha, 19, of 9911 Henrico St., with attempted malicious wounding and participating in a criminal street gang, Mangan said

Police later found the Nissan at the home of one of the rival gang members and arrested Rafael Mejia-Escobar, 21, of 6642 Burnside Drive in Manassas Park, and Adolpho Rivas, of 8020 Lightguard Loop in Manassas. Both men were charged with attempted malicious wounding, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and participating in an illegal street gang. Police believe Mejia-Escobar shot the Toyota, Mangan said.

Mejia-Escobar, Rivas and Mancha were held without bond. The teens were held without bond in the Juvenile Detention Center, Mangan said.

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