Police respond to complaints

Prince William County police said Thursday that officers have been responsive to the three recent break-ins at the Staples Mill Plaza, in response to two complaints by business owners.

The complaints came from Ivy Bovey, whose Island Tan was burglarized Nov. 20, and Margaret Hudson, whose Hair Studio was burglarized late Monday or early Tuesday.

Police responded in seven minutes to the shopping plaza Nov. 20, said Prince William County police spokesman Dennis Mangan.

An alarm at Armetta’s Restaurant went off because it was broken into, like Island Tan. A K-9 dog unit searched the restaurant and area, leading them to discover the broken glass at Island Tan.

“They actually found the broken window at the tanning place and went in, searched it, and they called her,” Mangan said. “She said she can’t get anyone to call her back, and we had someone out there a few days after it.”

Detective Patric Quinn left her his card. And while Bovey said Quinn is out of the office until Dec. 9, Mangan said Quinn checks for messages everyday and had no calls from her.

After speaking with Bovey, Quinn walked over to other businesses to make contact and tell them what is going on and to call police if they see anything, Mangan said.

On Hudson’s complaint that an officer went to an adjacent Chinese restaurant instead of following up on her complaint of banging on the walls, Mangan said there is no record of an officer eating at the restaurant. Police, when they are on duty, are required to log where they eat, and there is no report, he said.

Hudson could not be reached for comment at the Hair Studio on Thursday.

Mangan said Tuesday that an alarm system helps police. On Monday, police arrested two men who broke a window of the Woodbridge El Paso restaurant and set off the alarm. The two were found after a search.

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