Woodbridge teen pleads guilty in beating death

One of the teen-agers charged with fatally beating a homeless man who bought them beer pleaded guilty to second degree murder Monday.

William Carl Taylor, 19, of Woodbridge, faces up to 40 years in prison when he is sentenced in July in the death of Kevin D. Frock.

Frocks family said the guilty plea did little to ease their grief.

“[Taylor] had to do what was best for him. The plea was good for him, I just wish Kevin had a choice, too,” said Frocks brother, Frank Frock.

Assistant Commonwealths Attorney Rick Conway said he will ask that Taylor receive the maximum punishment.

The lanky teen remained impassive in Prince William Circuit Court on Monday as Conway detailed Frocks murder.

Police say Taylor and a friend, Robert Louis Wilkins, 19, of Woodbridge, beat Frock with a stick and folding metal chair when they suspected he was making sexual advances toward Wilkins.

Wilkins is scheduled for trial in May.

The events that led to Frocks death began the evening of Sept. 16, when Taylor and Wilkins saw Frock in the parking lot of the Kmart near Ashdale Plaza in Dale City, said Conway, citing information given by Taylor and Wilkins in statements to police.

Frock lived in the wooded area around the store.

Taylor and Wilkins asked Frock to buy them beer and he agreed. Frock took $10 from the teens and bought a 12-pack of Bud Lite for them and a 6-pack of Coors Light for himself.

Frock then suggested the teens follow him into the woods to drink the beer, Conway said.

The three men drank together and the teens began to suspect Frock was coming on to Wilkins.

“He was coming closer and closer, and [Wilkins] wasnt sure if he was making advances or not,” said Conway, reading from the teens statements to detectives.

Wilkins told Taylor to “take physical action against Frock” and he struck Frock, causing him to fall to the ground.

The teens left the woods and realized they never got any change from the $10 they gave Frock to buy the beer. They returned to the woods to retrieve the money and found Frock still lying on the ground, Conway said.

Taylor and Wilkins used a metal folding chair and a stick or board to beat Frock, and Taylor told police he kicked Frock in the face.

The beating left blood on Taylors boots, which he cleaned afterward at a gas station, Conway said.

Several of Frocks family members and friends attended Taylors hearing Monday. They describe him as a gentle, loving person who doted on his 10 nieces and nephews.

Frock had girlfriends and was not homosexual, said his brother, Frank Frock, who believes Taylor and Wilkins made up the story about Frock making advances as an excuse for the beating.

Taylor will be sentenced July 11.

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