Man runs across I-95 to evade police, breaks bones after leaping from retaining wall

A Woodbridge man was arrested Tuesday following a foot chase during which he suffered injuries that landed him in surgery, Virginia State Police said Tuesday.

Corey Jermaine Pender, 29, of 13650 Lynn St., was stopped by Trooper R.M. Malden at 8:12 a.m., in the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 for passing on the right shoulder near the Prince William Parkway exit, said Sgt. Scott Edelman, State Police spokesman.

Pender then jumped out of the car, ran west across the interstate, across the HOV lanes, and across the southbound lanes of the interstate, Edelman said. When he reached the edge of the southbound lanes, he jumped off of a 25-foot high retaining wall and escaped into the woods below, Edelman said.

A Fairfax County helicopter and K-9 unit were called in to assist in the search. Prince William County police were also called in for assistance.

After heading north, Pender then crawled into a drain pipe running under the highway and crossed over back to the northbound lanes, Edelman said. He apparently exited in a Woodbridge subdivision, Edelman said.

Pender then knocked on a random door and asked to call 911 for his injuries, Edelman said. Around the same time, Prince William County police were receiving 911 calls alerting them to a “suspicious person” in the area, from other people in the subdivision. Those calls, coupled with the 911 call made from the home in the 1900 block of Willow Lane led to Pender’s arrest at that address.

During the alleged jump, he broke his tibia bone, wrist and ankle, among others, Edelman said. As of Tuesday afternoon, he was undergoing surgery at Potomac Hospital for the injuries suffered during the jump, Edelman said.

He was charged with felony habitual offender, eluding, wreckless driving and passing on the right. Other charges are pending. He was wanted in Spotsylvania County for back child support. He was apprehended at 9:10 a.m.

“Aviation support and K-9 support was offered by Fairfax County, and Prince William of course gave us a call when they had a subject that met the description,” Edelman said. “It gave us the leads to help the troopers identify the subject.”

Potomac Hospital representatives could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon.

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