Police briefs for Sunday, Dec. 1, 2002

Man in bathroom found with drugs, police say

A 25-year-old Manassas man was arrested at Maxwell’s Pupuseria Restaurant, at 9043 Liberia Ave., after Manassas police received a complaint he was suspected to have illegal drugs.

The complaint came from a retained security officer, who told police the man was in the men’s bathroom acting suspiciously. When the security officer stopped the man, he was found in possession of a substance that appeared to be cocaine.

Police arrested Edwin Arturo Ramirez-Lopez of 8223 Newton Place in Manassas, and found two plastic bags with suspected cocaine, two empty plastic bags and some cash.

Ramirez-Lopez has been charged with felony possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. He was held at the time of his arrest on a $5,000 bond, pending a preliminary hearing Jan.16, 2003.

Suspected drunken driver found with drugs

A Manassas man was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol after a Manassas police officer saw him recklessly weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds on Centreville Road on Wednesday at 10:21 p.m., police said.

Doug Maurice Ellis, 23, of 10131 Statesboro Court, was pulled over near Liberia Avenue, arrested and taken into custody after Manassas police found three vials of suspected phencyclidine (PCP), suspected crack cocaine and some cash.

Ellis has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, felony possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, felony possession of PCP with the intent to distribute and driving without a license.

Ellis was held at the time of his arrest without bond, pending on a preliminary hearing Jan. 9, 2003.

Police respond to automobile fire

Prince William County Fire and Police responded to an automobile fire Friday at 1 a.m. at 10625 Provincial Drive.

A woman heard popping sounds coming out of her car. The fire was coming from the engine and trunk.

The total loss was $3,100 and the incident is reported as being suspicious due to the multiple origins of the fire. Prince William County police and fire marshals are investigating.

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