9/11 Remembered: Images and video

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images of 9-11

Video Clips:

September 11:

New York attack (NBC)

Pentagon attack (NBC)

Timeline of the attacks (NBC)

Airports are shutdown (WSLS)

Local closings (WSLS)

Ground Zero (NBC)

More from the Pentagon (WSLS)

Eyewitness account of attack (NBC)

Coping with the attack (WSLS)

Pres. Bush addresses the nation (NBC)

3rd building collapses (MSNBC)

First plane hits tower (AP)

More local reaction (WSLS)

Scenes from the Middle East (NBC)

Cellphone call from doomed flight (NBC)

Sen. John Warner speaks out (WSLS)

Video Essay (WSLS/NBC)

September 12:

The morning after (NBC)

Noon update at the Pentagon (WSLS)

Many line up to donate blood (WSLS)

Evening developments (WSLS)

Pres. Bush statement (NBC)
Report: White House and Air Force 1 were targets (NBC)

September 13:

Morning update (NBC)

Limited airline service resumes (NBC)

The investigation in Boston (NBC)

Pres. Bush statement (NBC)

Bush phone call with Guiliani/Pataki (NBC)

Evening update (WSLS)

September 14:

Morning update (NBC)

Bush at prayer vigil (NBC)

Hymn at prayer vigil (NBC)

Evening update (WSLS)

Additional Video

9/20: Bush addresses the nation

About Osama Bin Laden (NBC)

About Islam (WSLS)

Generation 911 (WSLS)

12/11: Bush marks 3 month anniversary (WSLS)

5/31, 2002: Memorial service at ground zero marking end to recovery services

Virginia stories about 9-11

Local 9-11 rememberances

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