Schools push for normalcy on Sept. 11 – Potomac News Online

Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park Schools are each planning on marking the anniversary of Sept. 11. by keeping the day as normal as possible.

Prince William County schools will commemorate the events through a moment of silence in each school. Each school will choose a time in the morning to have a moment of silence. Prince William County plans to have as normal of a school day as possible, said Prince William County Superintendent of Schools Edward Kelly.

“The only thing we’re requiring is that they have a moment of silence,” Kelly said.

The principals have been asked to prepare the teachers for any issues that may arise in the lesson plan, such as religion or political issues. But the teachers have been advised to carry on the day as scheduled, said Bruce Leiby, Prince William County supervisor of social studies.

“We will be very respectful to this day and do the best we can for everyone in Prince William County,” Leiby said.

Administration of tests is being discouraged. Teachers have also been requested to minimize media exposure by limiting the use of televisions and radios in the classroom. There will be no back-to-school nights held in the evening.

Both Manassas City and Manassas Park Schools also plan to keep normalcy part of the school day.

Each school principal will decide how the school will remember and observe the anniversary, said Almeta Radford, division and community relations.

Manassas Park Superintendent of Schools Thomas Debolt said there is no central outline for the four schools in Manassas Park. However, each school principal will take in consideration the grade levels of the students and most appropriate way to address the anniversary.

Some of the schools have addressed how they will commemorate the day.

Osbourn High will have an observance and a moment of silence. Jennie Dean has encouraged the students to wear red, white, and blue and the students will attend a flag ceremony in the morning. Manassas Park Elementary will also have a flag ceremony in the morning. Kerridale Elementary will be holding a commemoration ceremony in the afternoon.

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