Jury continues deliberating on killer’s fate

Jurors who found Larry Bill Elliott guilty of the murders of a young Woodbridge couple will meet again this morning to decide whether the Hanover, Md., man should receive the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Tuesday, the 10th day of Elliott’s trial, was the first full day of deliberation for the jury. They will resume deliberations at 9 a.m.

Elliott, 53, was convicted Thursday in Prince William Circuit Court of murdering Robert Finch, 30, and Dana Thrall, 25, in their Rollingwood Village town house on Jan. 2, 2001.

Elliott did not know either of the victims but was deeply involved with Finch’s ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Gragg — a stripper he met through an adult classified ad.

Prince William County prosecutors said Elliott saw Finch as an obstacle to his relationship with Gragg and killed him out of jealousy.

Elliott and Gragg’s relationship began about two years ago when she advertised for a “sugar daddy.” Both were married at the time.

In the following year and a half, Elliott spent more than $400,000 on Gragg, paying for her living expenses.

Elliott expressed love for Gragg and spoke of them starting a new life together, but she told him she would always be in love with Finch, according to testimony.

Prosecutors said Elliott’s obsession with Gragg led him to murder Finch and, when Thrall walked in on the crime, he murdered her as well.

On Monday, the jury heard arguments on what punishment Elliott should receive.

County prosecutors said the crime was so heinous and the impact on the victims’ families so profound that Elliott deserves to die.

Elliott’s attorneys urged the jury to instead impose a life sentence and asked them to consider his years of military service. Elliott was a high-ranking Army counter-intelligence specialist.

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