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years of marital bliss


Bennie Scarton Jr.



MANASSAS PARK – Lillian and Charles E. Lucas Sr. have reached a milestone

very few couples ever expect to see.

The Manassas couple will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary Sunday.

They say their secret for the long and enduring marriage is no big secret.

“We fell in love when we first met … and we have never fallen

out of love,” said Lillian Lucas during an interview in the couple’s home

in Crestwood Village.

Charles Lucas agreed.

“We have had a great relationship,” he added.

The two, who were introduced through family members in Washington, were

married in Rockville, Md. on April 1, 1931.

Lillian Lucas’ sister, Dorothy Keys, is hosting an anniversary party

for them on Saturday from 2-5 p.m. Many of their friends and relatives are

expected to attend.

The couple have a daughter, Shirley Webb, four grandchildren, six great-grandchildren

and one great-great-grandchild.

They moved to Manassas Park in 1955, becoming one of the town’s first


Two years later he became involved in the town’s politics, which became

a major part of his life for the next six years.

When the town’s first elected mayor George Carl won the top post on

March 21, 1957 only to resign unexpectedly on March 11, 1958, Lucas was

appointed to fill out the remainder of his term.

He served the town continuously, in that capacity or on the town’s council,

until 1963, with the exception of a short period when doctors asked him

to take a leave of absence.

“Things were pretty simple back then … the town only had a population

of about 900 as compared to 10,200 now. The mayor and council really didn’t

have near as many responsibilities as they do now. I really enjoyed serving

the residents and helping the town get established,” Lucas said.

While serving the town, Lucas was also employed for 30 as director of

public works for the Potomac River Naval Command in Arlington before retiring

in 1967.

“It was a simple 30 minute drive from Manassas Park … not the

nightmare motorists have to face today,” Lucas said.

Since his retirement, the couple have continued to live in the Manassas

area with the exception of the years 1973-78. That was when they “retired”

to Florida. It didn’t last.

“We missed our family … so we decided to come back to Manassas,”

said Lillian Lucas.

Throughout their lives, both have been active in different Baptist churches.

They now attend Westover Baptist Church.

“We like to support the church closest to our home,” said Lillian


She taught Sunday School in various churches for 50 years, before giving

it up last year because “I was needed at home,” she said.

Both feel they have been blessed with a happy marriage.

“If I had to do it all over again, I would have done it the same

way. It has been a real happy marriage for both of us. We feel right privileged,”

Charles Lucas said.

“We have always loved each other dearly and through the years the

love just got deeper,” Lillian added with a broad smile.

A native of Independent Hill, Lillian is 85 and Charles, who was born

in Chrisney, Ind., is 89.

Lillian, who was a homemaker throughout her 70 years, said her favorite

pastime was “volunteering for church activities.” His was “politics,”

even serving on the Crestwood Village Council of Owners.

Their favorite vacation spot is Myrtle Beach.

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