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on line as Eagles travel to OP


Jim Crowley



MANASSAS – After tonight’s boys basketball action, the final seedings

may be set for next week’s Cardinal District tournament. Or maybe not.

Regardless of outcomes Friday night, Gar-Field will secure the top spot,

while either Potomac or Woodbridge will hold second with the other claiming


But it could literally be a coin flip that decides who gets the fourth

and final seed to host in the tourney’s opening round.

All eyes will be fixated on two games tonight: Osbourn at Osbourn Park

and Hylton at Potomac.

Osbourn is tied with Hylton 5-8 in the district while Osbourn Park is

a game back at 4-9.

An Eagles win at OP, coupled with a Bulldogs loss at second-ranked Potomac

would give Osbourn home-court advantage next Tuesday (Hylton lost to Potomac

63-43 on Jan. 19).

However, a Yellow Jackets win, coupled with a Bulldogs loss, would create

a three-way tie that could be resolved by the flip of a coin.

And then again, if Osbourn loses and Hylton wins, the Bulldogs would

be ranked fourth by virtue of beating the second-ranked team in the district.

Yes, it could get a little muddy after tonight.

But as Osbourn coach Mike Dufrene knows, the scenario hinges on an Osbourn

Park win, and hopes his youth movement can help thwart that outcome.

“It’s going to be their experienced players versus our youth,”

Dufrene said. “The keys will be our younger guys … obviously, (sophomores)

Brandon Oglesby and Jarel Moore. If those two guys step up, with a combination

of inside players, it could be a good night for us.

“It should be a packed house (and) a high-intensity game from start

to finish.”

The last time both clubs met, Osbourn was host to a three-point winner.

Dufrene expects another dog fight. So does Osbourn Park coach Danny Lawray.

Lawray is also cognizant of what is at stake, but he said his club won’t

be thinking of consequences.

“We’ve got to take care of part A and worry about part B later,”

Lawray said.

The Yellow Jackets are healthy, the Jackets’ coach said, and get a boost

with the return of center Tommy Sandifer, who is coming off an ankle injury.

“If you asked me a few weeks ago, I would have told you I thought

we didn’t have a chance (at the fourth seed). But I open up the paper this

week and find out we’re still in this,” Lawray said.

“It’s definitely going to be a big game.”

Tip-off is set for 7:30 p.m. at Osbourn Park.



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