Bell rings in Tournament of Champions bowling title

Anna Bell of Hicksville, N.Y., collected her first Tournament of Champions title and her eleventh career Womens All-Star Association title when she won the Storm-Bowlerama WASA 2002 Tournament of Champions held in New Castle, Del., on Nov. 23.

This prestigious 28th annual Tournament of Champions, the concluding event for the 2002 season with a limited field of 48 bowlers, was by invitation to the current season WASA champions and the top leaders (non-champions) on the points list.

It took a total pinfall of 1,992 or higher for the 9-game qualifying round, a 221.3 average, for the top six athletes to advance to the match play round. Pins earned in the qualifying round were not carried over.

Bell finished with a match play record of 5 wins, 1 loss and total match play score of 1,470 (with bonus pins included) to claim the $1,000 purse.

Other match play finalists: Sharon Zook, Oley, Pa., 3-3, 1423, 2nd place $500; Karen Jordan, Wayne, N.J., 4-2, 1392, 3rd place $425; Christine Mockenhaupt, Pompton Lakes, N.J., 3-3, 1391, 4th place $375; Carol Zarr, Milton, Pa., 2-4, 1353, 5th place $350 plus 9-Game High Qualifier Award $50; and Terri Bollinger, West Grove, Pa., 2-4, 1281, 6th place $325.

Other cashers: Tracy Beck, Lancaster, Pa., 1987, 7th place $300; Diana Kurrass, Bellport, N.Y., 1975, 8th place $280; Debbie Angst, Huntington, N.Y., 1970, 9th place $270; Dawn Fay, Manassas, Va., 1960, 10th place $260; Debbie Wolfe, Vienna, Va., 1947, 11th place $250; Denise Reichenbach, Milton, Pa., 1924, 12th place $235; Stacey Bokina, Peconic, N.Y., and Becky Kregling, Stratford, Conn., tied for 13th place with a total pinfall of 1918, $220 each with Kregling receiving the $15 Alternate Fee; Lisa Bowman, Strasburg, Pa., 1917, 15th place $200; Jodi Reppert, Peconic, Pa., 1914, 16th place $190; Cara Lukosius, Brick, N.J., 1913, 17th place $180; Andi Whitlock, Middletown, Del., 1897, 18th place $165; Tricia Renshaw, Newark, Del., 1895, 19th place $150; Rebecca Webb-Daughtry, Mamaroneck, N.Y., 1891, 20th place $140; Alice Foley, Dunmore, Pa., 1884, 21st place $130; Lori Henry, Macungie, Pa., 1833, 22nd place $120; Deanna Cryan, Easton, Pa., 1828, 23rd place $110; and Mechelle Moore, Peekskill, N.Y., 1891, 24th place $100.



Cathy Yuricich of North Falmouth, Mass., a pre-veterinarian student, earned her first career Womens All-Star Association title by winning the Stewarts Pro Shop WASA Sweeper at Bowlerama in New Castle, Del., on Nov. 23.

This 6-game total pinfall event, held in conjunction with the WASA Tournament of Champions, is conducted for those WASA members who did not receive an invitation to the T of C.

Yuricich rolled games of 232, 256, 207, 190, 216 and 227 for a total pinfall of 1,328 (a 221.3 average) to clinch the $630 first place check. The win also earned Yuricich a berth into the 2003 WASA Tournament of Champions.

Other cashers: Kristen Yeagley, Lebanon, Pa., 1282, 2nd place $350; Michelle Everwine, Paulsboro, N.J., 1281, 3rd place $300; Susan Allen, Great Falls, Va., 1247, 4th place $250; Kelly Fox, Burke, Va., 1246, 5th place $225; Sharman Dyson, Washington, D.C., 1215, 6th place $200; Keri May, Butler, N.J., 1192, 7th place $175; Luann Carnonetto, Blauvelt, N.Y., 1168, 8th place $150; Lori Gold, Howell, N.J., 1161, 9th place $125; Alexis Lepore, Lyndhurst, N.J., 1145, 10th place $100; Val Johannessen, Ledgewood, N.J., 1143, 11th place $95; April Gornik, Mohrsville, Pa., 1142, 12th place $90; Christine Macke, Fairfax, Va., and Daphne Williams, Mount Vernon, N.Y., tied for 13th place with a total pinfall of 1141, $82.50 each; Vanessa Oliver, Bear, Del., 1138, 15th place $75; and Cindy Nuzzi, Stamford, Conn., 1136, 16th place $70.



Andy Whitlock of Middletown, Del., a two time Womens All-Star Association champion captured her third career WASA Senior title when she won the Bowlers Journal Golden Girls Classic held at Bowlerama in New Castle, Del., on Nov. 23.

Winning the top prize of $300 and her first Senior title this year, her 6-game total pinfall of 1,293 included games of 162, 255, 179, 197, 278 and 222. Whitlock averaged 215.5 for the tournament.

Other cashers: Paula Schwalm, Hatsboro, Pa., 1212, 2nd place $275; Leanna Little-Smith, Bronx, N.Y., 1211, 3rd place $250; Barbara Skokan, Perth Amboy, N.J., 1208, 4th place $225; Linda Rose, North Arlington, N.J., 1156, 5th place $200; Daphne Williams, Mount Vernon, N.Y., 1141, 6th place $150; Jennette James, Oyster Bay, N.Y., 1111, 7th place $125; and Linda Goodling, Willow Street, Pa., 1093, 8th place $100.



The Womens All-Star Association 31st annual awards ceremony was held at Bowlerama in New Castle, Del., on Nov. 23 at the conclusion of the end-of-season tournaments.

WASA Recognition Awards were presented to:

Denise Reichenbach, Milton, Pa., was named 2002 WASA Bowler of the Year.

Stacey Bokina, Peconic, N.Y., was named 2002 Lisa Maurice-WASA Rookie of the Year.

Linda Goodling, Willow Street, Pa., was named 2002 WASA Senior Bowler of the Year.

Linda Goodling, Willow Street, Pa., unprecedented winner of five WASA Senior Tour titles in 2002, was named WASA Sportswoman of the Year.

Anna Bell, Hicksville, N.Y., was named the winner of the 2002 Jean Fish-Pearl Keller-WASA High Average Award. Bell averaged 219.3 for 111-games in WASA competition in 2002.



Professional Womens Bowling Association star and former TEAM USA member Kendra Gaines has been named to the National Selection Committee for the 2002 USA Bowling National Amateur Championships.

Gaines joins Fred Borden, Jeri Edwards, Gordon Vadakin and Susie Minshew on the committee that will be responsible for selecting three at-large men and women members of TEAM USA 2003.

The 2002 USA Bowling National Amateur Championships will be held Jan. 5-10, 2003 at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev.

Gaines replaces Tammy Turner who is no longer eligible to serve on the committee.

Gaines (formerly Kendra Cameron of Gambrills, Md.) was a member of TEAM USA for four consecutive years, 1995 through 1998.

During her stint on TEAM USA, she was the 1996 Bowling Writers Association of America Amateur Bowler of the Year and a Bowlers Journal International All-American in 1995 and 1996.



Womens International Bowling Congress member Diane Buchanan of Boussard, Quebec, Canada, and South Africas Guy Caminsky were voted Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year by their peers at the 38th AMF Bowling World Cup in October in Riga, Latvia.

Buchanan, a 28-year-old bilingual investigator for the Royal Bank of Montreal, finished 13th out of a field of 72 women in her third consecutive Bowling World Cup, averaging 207.31 for 32-games.

Caminsky, a 25-year-old bowling center manager from Durban, finished 30th in the 83-man field. He averaged 210.80 for 20-games in his fourth try at the mens title.



Over the past few years, more than 50 top Mini Eliminator Bowlers have joined the professional ranks, and with the high-pressure experience they gained from megabuck tournament competition, many of them are finding much success. The list of top Mini Eliminator bowlers who are now successful as pros is long – players like Chris Barnes, Mika Koivuniemi, Tommy Jones, Brian Kretzer, Nick Vogelgesang, Mike Machuga and Brian Waliczek. Within the past year Brad Angelo, Chris Sand, Michael Fagan, Jouni Helminen and Chris Collins, all successful Mini Eliminator bowlers, have also joined the pro ranks.

“Weve had the privilege of seeing some of the best bowlers in the world in our tournaments,” said Steve Sanders, President of Pinacle Events, owner of the Mini Eliminators. “With more money now on the pro tour, were seeing great bowlers leave our events – players like Barnes, Kretzer, Machuga and Angelo. Im sorry to see them leave us, but Im happy we gave them a place to develop the skills they need on the pro tour, and its always interesting to see who the next generation of top players will be.”

The next Mini event, the Super Bowl Mini Eliminator, is expected to pay out more than $1 million in cash and prizes. It will be held Jan. 27-Feb. 2 at the Gold Coast Bowling Center, Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nev.

The Super Bowl Mini is presented by Brunswick and sponsored by Turbo 2-N-1 Grips, Coast Resorts and KR Strikeforce.

For more information or to obtain an entry brochure, telephone the toll free MINI HOTLINE 1-877-900-MINI (6464) or visit the Mini website @


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The weekly high scores bowled in league competition are published below:


Kings & Queens. Man: Jay Latney 203-235-621. Women: Janice Burlovich 163-167-187-517; Penny Woodberry 168-168-503; Charley Neuwiller 153-156-163-472; Linda Smith 169; Bonnie Guzman 165; Phyllis Vickers-Smith 156; Judy Breeden 153.

Tuesday Seniors. Men: John Lyon 213-582; Louis Achille 190-509; Bill Henson 199; Leroy Bertrand 188.

Moonshiners (Nov. 20). Men: Norman Dichard 196-257-212-665; Duane Butler 264-206-628; Ned Marshall 202-200-202-604; Dan Whittler 225-217-603; Kevin Gorisek 224-216-594; Don Gray 224-202-594; Kenny Butler 258; Mike Calkins 234; Curt Swift 226; John Sims 223; James Meredith 222. Women: Leanne Skelton 184-220-540; Mary Butler 160-172-201-533; Maggie Ruggiero 188-162-170-520; Brenda Berry 193-163-150-506; Sharon Taft 172-162-172-506; Denise Buckner 198; Debbie Steele 177; Phyllis Huckstep 167; Marlene Betts 165; Joan Farkas 165.

Moonshiners (Nov. 27). Men: James Latney 255-236-191-682; Norman Dichard 211-213-206-630; Ricardo Birzack 250-198-625; Boe Turner 236-608; Clif Fisher 265-604; Kevin Gorisek 251; Kevin Crawford 225; Al Buckmaster 224; Duane Butler 216; Rich Michell 210. Women: Dot OHalloran 167-219-162-548; Sonya Wilson 173-162-189-524; Debbie Steele 196-162-505; Mae Wells 160-164-180-504; Marlene Betts 169-157-175-501; Jennifer Spencer 207; Leanne Skelton 189; Sharon Taft 189; Lisa Martin 188; Sandy Hargis 187.



Sunday Night Mixers. Men: Ray Noel 248-212-656; Keith Abel 235-233-646; Curtis Mitchell 215-213-618; Mike Middleton 217-213-608; Rick Collins 215-203-600; John Hakenson 237; George Moerman 230; Bob Gorman 225; Steve Waple 225. Women: Patti Nailor 211-210-580; Janice Cephas 216-560; Verna Swift 551; Linda McGuire 216-538; Val Greer 533; Marcia Sessions 201; Tammy Ashworth 195.

Monday Early. Men: Jeff Schweiger 246-218-205-669; Mike Baumeister 223-231-636; Mike Bones 200-245-613; Al Wood 200-243-613; Joe Simonin 277; Jim Campbell 244; Butch McCulloch 226. Women: Verna Swift 198-197-209-604; Rebecca Toman 184-245-168-597; Linda Chappell 179-167-245-591; Marilyn Mallery 212; Michelle Noyes 207; Debbie Sears 191.

Dale City Mens Commerical. Andrew Campbell 202-277-289-768; Jim Wolfe 285-246-729; Terry Nold 232-268-220-720; Mike Laitinen 280-216-214-710; Mike Phillips 214-289-696; Jim Einhorn 279; Rodney Cahow 268; Tim Lucas 255; Martin Toman 255; Wayne Moore 254.

Merchants. Men: Bruce McClung 278-232-227-737; Ricky Wallace 248-255-233-736; Randy Wood 215-268-227-710; John Fillis 226-227-246-699; Harold Haycraft Jr. 228-230-226-684; Ken Owens 255; Bud Welch 255; Pete Baxter Jr. 251; Breton Bridges 246; Howard Hiob 246. Women: Teri Smith 224-204-246-674; Carla Sessions 235-203-227-665; Christine Cahow 274-215-174-663; Candy Grimsley 236-211-179-626; Linda McGuire 235-199-175-609; Debbie Smith 253; Mary Hill 224; Kim Hood 221; Linda Allen 215; Ivy Heishman 214; Barbara Peters 214; Sheri Wallace 214.

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