Stephens collects her first NABI title at Semninary Lanes

Ursula Stephens of Gaithersburg, Md., a member of the Baltimore-Washington Region National Amateur Bowlers (NABI) Club for more than two-years, collected her first career NABI title when she won the tournament held at AMF Seminary Lanes in Alexandria on Feb. 9-10.

It took a handicap series of 613 or higher in the semifinals for the top eight bowlers to advance to the finals.

In round 1 of the finals, a three-way “Shootout Match,” 7th seeded Houston Bigelow Jr., Upper Marlboro, Md., knocked off 6th seeded Sonja DeBrew and 8th seeded Ron Workman, both from Waldorf, Md., 253-205-181. DeBrew earned $80 for 7th place and Workman pocketed $75 for 8th place. In round 2, 5th seeded Stephens edged past 4th seeded Andrew Johnson Jr., Washington, D.C., by just one pin and sent Bigelow to the sidelines, 217-216-193. Johnson picked up $95 for 5th place and Bigelow made $85 for taking 6th place. Stephens continued to advance to the title game when she defeated 3rd seeded Robert James, Hillcrest Heights, Md., and 2nd seeded Janice McElveen, Washington, D.C., 209-174-170, in match 3. James walked off with $130 for 3rd place and McElveen snagged $120 for 4th place.

In the title round, Stephens upstaged top seeded Edward Torrence, Upper Marlboro, Md., 262-239, to claim the $800 purse. In addition, Stephens also received a championship jacket with a paid entry into the 2002 NABI National Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas, Nev., and secured reserved seating to the Tournament of Champions Banquet.

“I was so excited about winning my first NABI title that I just couldn’t hold back my tears of joy,” stated Stephens. “I really love bowling in NABI tournaments.”

Torrence netted $400 for his 2nd place finish.

Other cashers: George Friend, Newport News, Va., 611, 9th place $72; Michael Shaw, Owings Mills, Md., 607, 10th place $70; Lawan Smith, Silver Spring, Md., 600, 11th place $65; Winyoo Kessri, Springfield, Va., and Marcia Glaspie, Lanham, Md., tied for 12th place with a handicap series score of 599, $61 each; Frank Quarles, Roanoke, Va., 595, 14th place $55; Paul Robinson, Upper Marlboro, Md., 590, 15th place $54; Norm Crawford, Mitchellville, Md., 576, 16th place $53; Joseph Murphy, Hollywood, Md., 575, 17th place $52; John Heard, Woodbridge, Va., 569, 18th place $51; Nathaniel Lewis, Clinton, Md., 566, 19th place $50; Deborah Stump, Beltsville, Md., 562, 20th place $49; Patricia Rudd, Temple Hills, Md., 548, 21st place $48; Sheritha McKenzie, Joppa, Md., 543, 22nd place $47; Bertha Smith, Baltimore, Md., 533, 23rd place $46; and Gerald Jones, Frederick, Md., 509, 24th place $45.



Darryl Royal of Bowie, Md., won the Baltimore-Washington Region National Amateur Bowlers (NABI) inaugural Platinum Division Tournament hosted by AMF Seminary Lanes, Alexandria, Va., Feb. 9-10.

The NABI Platinum Division is an exclusive event for the skilled bowler with a minimum average of 195 or higher.

It took a handicap series of 624 or higher in the qualifying round for the top three contestants to advance to the one-game three-way “Championship Shootout Match.”

In the championship match, 2nd seeded Royal was victorious over tournament leader Ronald Smith and 3rd seeded Nathaniel Lewis, both from Clinton, Md., 249-214-187.

Royal earned $150 for the win, received a championship jacket with a paid entry into the 2002 NABI National Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas, Nev., and secured reserved seating to the Tournament of Champions Banquet.

“This is a fabulous tournament for the higher average bowler,” stated Royal. “I really enjoy the challenge of competing against skilled bowlers.”

Smith left with $72 for 2nd place and Lewis went home with $50 for 3rd place.



Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Pete Weber garnered his 28th career PBA National Tour title by winning the Columbia 300 Tar Heel Open conducted at Country Club Lanes West in Burlington, N.C., Feb. 6-10.

In the Wild Card match, Roger Bowker, Ocala, Fla., lashed Jason Hurd, Titusville, Fla., 243-177. Hurd pocketed $9,000 for 5th place. In the first semifinal match, Weber triumphed over Jason Couch, Clermont, Fla., 245-182. In the second semifinal match, Bowker retired Wayne Webb, Las Vegas, Nev., 257-228. Webb and Couch tied for 3rd place, $10,000 each.

The title match between Weber and Bowker was a lulu. After starting the match with an open frame, Bowker reeled off three straight strikes and a 4-pin spare. He led by 14 pins entering the 6th frame. Weber began with two strikes, an open in the 3rd (7-10) and followed with a spare and a strike.

The momentum shifted in the 6th when Bowker chopped the 6-pin off his 6-10 spare attempt.

“That was the heartbreaker,” stated Bowker. “I never got it off my thumb cleanly. But the bad part was, I had to turn right around and make a great shot on the lane I wasn’t sure of (left lane).”

On that lane, on the very next shot he left a solid 8-10 split and suffered consecutive open frames.

Weber smelled blood.

“I was a shark after some raw meat,” said Weber about his 7th and 8th frames. “I knew if I doubled (rolled back-to-back strikes) there, that would put a lot of pressure on him.” Weber threw the strikes and converted a 10-pin in the 9th frame. When Weber converted the 3-4-6-7-10 split in his 10th frame, it proved to be the difference. Although Bowker finished the match with five straight strikes, Weber picked up his 3rd win of the 2001-2002 season, 218-214, along with the $40,000 top prize.

“I said to myself, ‘you make it – you win, you don’t – you lose.’ It was as simple as that,” said Weber. “Roger (Bowker) was on his good lane. I knew he would double in the 10th.”

The win moved Weber into a tie with Parker Bohn III for 4th place on the PBA’s all-time win list.

Bowker received the runner-up prize of $20,000.

Jason Hurd and John Stites each rolled a perfect “300” game during the tournament.

Single-elimination round cashers (with hometown, match play win-loss record and average): 6th-8th place, Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., 7-6, 227.38; David Traber, Bull Valley, Ill., 7-5, 229.47; and Rudy Kasimakis, Gouldsboro, Pa., 7-5, 215.50, $5,000 each. 9th-16th place, Brian Kretzer, Dayton, Ohio, 4-5, 224.22; Doug Kent, Newark, N.J., 3-5, 226.42; Steve Hoskins, Tarpon Springs, Fla., 3-5, 223.65; Ricky Ward, North Fort Myers, Fla., 4-5, 222.19; Paul Fleming, Bedford, Texas, 5-3, 222.88; Brian Voss, Atlanta, Ga., 5-5, 225.39; Steve Wilson, Lake Worth, Fla., 4-4, 222.73; and David Husted, Milwaukie, Ore., 5-5, 220.50, $3,500 each. 17th-32nd place, Robert Smith, Simi Valley, Calif., 0-3, 224.14; Jeff Lizzi, Sandusky, Ohio, 2-3, 224.83; Amleto Monacelli, Barquisimeto, Venezuela, 1-3, 225.05; Mike Scroggins, Amarillo, Texas, 0-3, 223.33; Eric Forkel, Northridge, Calif., 0-3, 221.00; Eugene McCune, Munster, Ind., 2-3, 218.00; Curtis Odom, Coldwater, Mich., 2-3, 221.00; Dennis Horan Jr., Temecula, Calif., 0-3, 221.86; Mike DeVaney, Escondido, Calif., 0-3, 219.52; R.D. Miller Jr., Danville, Ill., 0-3, 220.14; Danny Wiseman, Baltimore, Md., 1-3, 224.18; Hugh Miller, Seattle, Wash., 2-3, 218.48; Michael Eaton Jr., Wyoming, Mich., 2-3, 215.96; Del Ballard Jr., North Richland Hills, Texas, 2-3, 220.13; Rick Steelsmith, Wichita, Kan., 2-3, 216.43; and Jess Stayrook, San Diego, Calif., 1-3, 213.73, $2,250 each.



Through the assistance of the High School Bowling USA initiative, the National Director of High School Bowling and the Illinois State Bowling Proprietors’ Association, the Illinois High School Association voted on Jan. 15 to elevate the boys’ bowling program to varsity level. High school bowling for boys in Illinois had previously been recognized at the ‘club’ level.

This makes Illinois the sixth state to have both girls and boys bowling programs at the varsity level. The other five states include Hawaii, Neveda, New Jersey, New York and Tennessee. Two states offer girls’ varsity bowling – Alaska and Washington.

“It’s exciting to add another state to the growing list of interscholastic associations that recognize both boys and girls bowling at the varsity level,” National Director of High School Bowling USA Kris Zahn said. “As more schools realize how much a bowling program can benefit the students and the schools themselves, these numbers only will increase.”

High School Bowling USA is an industry-wide strategic initiative of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America, the American Bowling Congress, the Women’s International Bowling Congress, the Young American Bowling Alliance and USA Bowling.


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The weekly high scores bowled in league competition are published below:


Kings & Queens. Men: Chris Gutshall 258-235-692; Curtis Mitchell 278-635; Earl Cephas 232-223-613; Kevin Gorisek 205-203-605; Nick Brown 208-547. Women: Janet Harrison 214-213-616; Janice Cephas 536; Bonnie Guzman 191-531; Joni Gamponia 489.

Woodchoppers (Feb. 5). Men: Dustin Payne 213-218-605; Jerry Krebs Jr. 214-190-586; James Parker 210-197-573; Pieter Imhoff 216-190-564; Wallace Phillips 192-192-553; Johnny Wilson 220. Women: Debi Imhoff 189-162-192-543; Beverely Hargrove 191-159-191-541; Sheila d’Oliveira 204-167-520; Maria Oldfield 160-157-181-498; Eva Hatch 161-168-168-497; Deborah Steele 191.

Woodchoppers (Feb. 12). Men: Fred Trace 213-246-206-665; Carroll Clarke 257-225-644; Kevin Gorisek 222-199-201-622; Pieter Imhoff 233-208-611; Steven Bell 194-227-595; Wallace Phillips 227. Women: Deborah Steele 178-234-182-594; Sonya Wilson 160-211-200-571; Beverely Hargrove 180-159-191-530; Maria Oldfield 194-164-171-529; Debi Imhoff 152-223-513.

Moonshiners. Men: Clif Fisher 234-226-220-680; Norman Dichard 233-234-650; Mike Wood 204-208-219-631; Walt Sigler 216-226-620; Carroll Clarke 246-614; Eric Stemmler 247; Kenny Butler 240; Mike Calkins 235; Ned Marshall 235; Brad Brash 227. Women: Patsy Corbin 200-232-176-608; Debbie Steele 195-182-203-580; Nan Hakenson 181-200-192-573; Yvette Gaines 212-200-159-571; Paula Miller 182-189-168-539; Sharon Taft 191; Karen Roose 191; Denise Buckner 190; Leanne Skelton 182; Phyllis Huckstep 181; Christine Jagodowski 181.

Thursday Seniors. Men: Louis Achille 224-597; Bill Benson 190-547; Leroy Bertrand 179. Women: Lula Hughes 190-528; Lucretta Wells 176-469; Susie Diaz 209.

Original Thursday. Men: James Christie 190-246-232-668; Bud Petty 224-219-211-654; Fred Trace 204-234-203-641; Brian Zinda 192-225-216-633; Teddy Weaver 227-206-193-626; Hugh Schmidt 245; Curt Thompson 238; Anthony Johnson 237. Women: Michelle O’Brien 209-189-163-561; Rebecca Toman 194-188-175-557; Marianne Grecek 165-205-186-556; Sheryl Post 170-237-555; Wendy Demsko 183-180-176-539; Gail Lawrence 204; Deborah Steele 199.

Quantico Thursday. Men: John Windey 210-564; Doug Walczak 555; Dave Walczak 216; Robbie Jerrell 214; Timothy Saine 200. Women: Bonnie Thomen 171-165-473; Ursula Windey 171-159-469; Janet Larsen 191-467; Margaret Harmon 188; Edna Abbott 174; Barbara Giese 167; Chris Holmes 164.

Special Guys. Men: Steven Margolies 118-128-129-375; Todd Walker 160; Mark Glowacki 147; Aaron Julian 116. Women: Danielle Lorenz 105-68-98-342; Stephanie Godin 160; Erin Broadwater 122.

Preps, Youth. Boys: Steven Lee 144-144-170-458; Peter Lujan 175-151-125-451; Matthew McCormick 116-163-142-421. Girls: Amanda Watt 118-124-110-352; Becky Haskins 100-99-125-324; Cherie Flaten 113-117-92-322.

Juniors, Youth. Boys: Isaiah Owens 150-188-138-476; Brandon Waller 162; Keith French 143. Girls: Letisha Giggetts 125-142-152-419; Sarah LaRocca 161.

Majors, Youth. Boys: Chris Matthews 188-177-201-566; Eric Rogers 212-173-155-540; Robert Demsko 193; Jon Merrill 191. Girls: Dawn Demsko 169-203-141-513; Dawn Fletcher 206; Tierra Pendergrass 140.



Sunday Night Mixers. Men: Jay Whipple 257-232-674; John Ondo 257-219-652; Jack Ondo 230-216-202-648; Jason Phillips 248-234-646; Rick Collins 234-207-634; Daniel Elswick 231; Jim Stepanich 231. Women: Janet Harrison 227-220-641; Joyce Massey 230-599; Patti Nailor 214-201-587; B.J. Scott 210-569; Janice Cephas 211-563; Kathy Guisto 210.

Monday Early. Men: Ray Noel; 204-227-247-678; Jeff Schweiger 221-256-666; Bill Schuetze 235-243-665; John Sims Jr. 253; Bud Welch 253; John Orndorff 245. Women: Quincy Chuquillangui 193-229-197-619; Sharon Smith 206-214-157-577; Verna Swift 153-233-162-548; Rebecca Toman 219; Tabitha Yaksima 203; Sally Fisher 196.

Dale City Men’s Commerical. Rob Moran 234-290-234-758; Jason Phillips 249-255-230-734; Joe Miller 238-255-237-730; Jason Billings 245-216-267-728; Doug Knoth Jr. 217-237-266-720; Wayne Moore 290; Martin Toman 290; Ray Clark 289; Harold Haycraft Jr. 279; Gary Cooney 268; Don Eden 268; Richard Norton 268.

Woodbridge Area High School Students. Boys: Rob Rowe 179-233-205-617; Jeremy Davis 144-221-203-578; Justin McGuire 170-214-191-575; Bobby Mason 185-178-173-536; Mike Vance 171-180-167-518; Shane Clawson 180; Brian Mason 176; Chris Folks 174; Bobby LeCompte 172; Kenneth Stone 159. Girls: Tiffanie Hegerty 160-178-248-586; Jessica Splading 160-152-149-461; Liz White 129-143-157-429; Brittany Hoban 125-138-124-387; Kristina Murphy 110-98-106-314; Jennifer Fox 124.

Ladies Nite Out. Brenda Einhorn 198-169-255-622; Pat Von Nieda 192-177-219-588; Louise Jefferson 183-160-194-537; Yvonne Hansche 178-169-183-530; Betsy Yanello 182-195-151-528; Santa Quiniones 219; Elsie Burton 208; Lisa Carrino 205; Nan Hakenson 192; Theresa Hoffman 191.

Thursday Early. Men: Terry Peck 247-216-214-677; Gene Holleman 206-265-659; Joe Herman 212-227-609; Jack Poirier 203-211-595; Morris Lenyon 223-200-593; Gene Ramsey 223; Dick West 217; Mark Poppe 216; Rob Lawrence 210; Phil Reynolds 209. Women: Rita Winston 203-212-173-588; Alberta Townes 185-161-210-556; Val Greer 182-187-183-552; Missi Strickland 162-191-197-550; Lynda Watkins 159-169-180-508; Judy Poppe 225; Sandy McDonald 196; Janet Matsuda 191; Peggy Poirier 183; Louise Stoneberger 183; Debbie Collins 180.

Nightengale. Men: John Fillis 258-710; Dennis Smith 243-708; Bob Foor 684. Women: Sheila Winston 517; Karen Morelli 511; Sherry Bowyer 200.

Starlighters. Men: Don Foreit 225-257-279-761; John Fillis 221-236-246-703; P.J. Childers 219-258-643; Dave Helmandollar 219-196-225-640; B.J. Rose 205-233-201-639; Ernie Grimsley 246; Chris Hatcher 246; Davin Rose 246; Gary Llewellyn 244; Brad Strickland 244. Women: Flo Helmandollar 169-215-246-630; Missi Strickland 222-214-152-588; Mel Phillips 191-182-200-573; Brenda Brown 201-160-190-551; Brenda Haulton 187-161-194-542; Barbara Reeve 201; Barbara Gutridge 199; Iris Anderson 198; Kathy Phillips 187; Lisa Rose 185; Naomi Snell 185.

Tiny Tots, Youth. Boy: David Evans 60-58-118. Girl: Desteny Earle 60-41-101.

Tigers, Youth. Boys: Tyler Lucas 74-68-96-238; Connor Rubel 55-70-77-202; Ryan Flippo 61-50-69-180. Girls: Larissa Schaufele 116-80-153-349; Elizabeth Kifer 121-85-83-289; Ashley Collins 78-122-84-284; Heather Jenkins 75-81-117-273; Rhianna Faucette 74-79-108-261; Sarah Star 94; Rose Ellen Mock 86; Kristal Cox 79; Noelle Faucette 74.

Superstars, Youth. Boys: Stephen Carter 140-185-163-488; Trey Jefferson 137-136-171-444; Steven Haulton 137-144-134-415; Kyle Sullivan 135-137-141-413; Bubba Strickland 147-139-108-394; Randy Jenkins 152; Justin Blair 140; Matthew Bullard 135; Kenny Smith 135. Girls: Courtney Alwine 127-147-136-410; Nicole Fillis 147-140-117-404; Kimberly Brown 131-149-118-398; Erica Faucette 139-131-124-394; Puanani Aqunio 132-119-128-379; Nikki Lehmann 135; Allison Strickland 123; CrystaL Hardy 120; Jamie McAfee 120; Andrea Vann 115.

Excitement, Youth. Boys: Joseph Phillips 179-178-223-580; Buddy Grimsley 220-170-157-547; Nathan Brown 138-142-149-429; Joseph Jenkins 122-129-116-367; Joe Starr 113-137-91-341; Michael Croyle 172; Jay Griffith 159; Joshua Hicks 125; T.J. Cowgill 110. Girls: Courtney Dymond 156-147-138-441; Steph Mindzak 169-139-131-439; Robyn Miller 104-146-133-383; Sarah Stone 120-155-100-375; Nikki Vance 131-97-123-351; Jessica Struber 124; Amber Smith 106.

Rollers, Youth. Boys: Rob Rowe 258-207-236-701; Shane Clawson 214-196-206-616; Mike Alvey 230-169-172-571; Mike Vance 169-195-170-534; Ralph Miller 179-182-171-532; Wayland Blair 203; Justin McGuire 202; Mike Herman 199; Chris Folks 187; Kenneth Stone 183. Girls: Tiffanie Hegerety 156-206-199-561; Nicole Hall 179-163-161-503; Lauren Hicks 171-172-139-482; Jessica Spalding 159-124-131-414; Kristina Murphy 155-147-104-406; Dianna Pierce 150; Vanessa Earle 149; Jenny Cowgill 130; Kari Root 128.

Tyke Force, Youth. Boys: Brandon Cole 79-94-173; Jeremiah Watson 64-84-148.

Alley Oops, Youth. Boys: Desmond Carter 124-132-102-358; Cozell Wingers 114-135-108-357; Anthony Newbill 80-84-146-310; Zachary Knight 80-105-103-288; Cristian Yanez 91-92-76-259; Brandon Webb 102; Rami Phillips 91; Brandon Middleton 84; Vincente Cruz 83; J.J. Fillis 63. Girls: Michelle Fillis 127-129-124-380; Colleen Hoffman 124-85-76-285; Whitney Hurlbrink 93-100-92-285; Rebecca Bellinger 78-81-83-242; Samantha Wallace 56-90-83-229; Brandi Swithenbank 81; Jessica Fillis 80.

Spare Breaks, Youth. Boys: Steven Haulton 168-161-135-464; Shawn Owen 128-154-137-419; Ben Easterday 143-157-114-414; Patrick Waller 151-106-120-377; Logan Bailey 138-100-130-368; Kevin Lindstrom 133; Sean Crookston 129; Erique Perry 126; Mitch Swift 113; Robbie Hurlbrink 110. Girls: Nicole Fillis 143-124-133-400; Danielle Clark 113-107-142-362; Hope Hurlbrink 154-85-120-359; Jo Anna Hoffman 85-103-153-341; LeKeya Newbill 111-117-111-339; Brittany Cole 117; Caitlin Howell 112.

Spares & Strikes, Youth. Boys: C.J. Stecher 203-201-180-584; Allen Windson 162-173-241-576; Jeremy McDaniel 200-175-134-509; Josh Owen 160-156-186-502; Demonte Spence 148-184-156-488; Jeremy Crookston 181; Dennis Fulton 175; Sean O’Keefe 160; Steven Blevins 158; Joseph Webb. Girls: Crystal McGuire 203-117-146-466; Samantha Gruszkowski 157-166-126-449; Angel McGuire 144-140-147-431; Erin McCreesh 138-132-155-425; Rebecca Lackey 141-103-100-344; Krista Love 129.

Strike Force, Youth. Boys: Mike Herman 217-237-236-690; Will Wilson 180-257-243-680; Rob Rowe 227-170-206-603; Justin McGuire 160-203-204-567; Adam Farnsworth 214-183-169-566; Tim, Worcester 206; William Caison 204; David Bledsoe 186; Jeremy Atkinson 159; Antonio Paige 126. Girls: Tiffanie Hegerty 160-213-193-566; Liz White 139-174-134-447; Rivannah Humphrey 113-102-130-345; Melissa McAfee 94-114-115-323.


Friday Nite Mixers. Men: James McIntosh 225-203-598; P.J. Jordan 213-195-592; Tom Opoien 232-205-590; Milt Roberts 236; Daryl Sutton 223; Todd Adcock 221; Jim Lynch 212; Lexie Parrish 206; Otis McClees 204; Kha Nguyen 204. Women: Deb Wasner 243-553; Jo Boehm 191-183-536; Theresa Hall 194-176-530; Judy Poppe 181-178-525; Pet Maxwell 204-169-521; Maggie Parrish 197; Janet McIntosh 196; Sun Opoien 188; Terri Hull 175; Noni Anderson 170.


Garrisonville Girls. Tammy Farmer 153-163-167-483; Mary Quinton 212-472; Kim Hood 167-458; Donna Rogers 184; Roemma Mark 168; Debbie Kennedy 166.