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Tax assessments: Related articles and government links


– City Council settles on tax rate of $1

The Manassas City Council settled on a real estate tax rate of $1 per

$100 of assessed value Wednesday night, and did away with a plan to increase

the personal property tax on aircraft.


– Manassas Park City Council to lower tax rate

The Manassas Park City Council voted unanimously to bring down the city’s

real estate tax rate. The vote brings the rate down to $1.29 per $100

of assessed value, a 4-cent reduction from last year.


– Manassas Park pays for bookkeeping boondoggle

Partially because of rampant errors in the city’s financial records, Manassas

Park homeowners may have to wait a little longer for substantial tax relief.


– County chairman calls for tax rate reduction

Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Sean T. Connaughton,

R at-large, wants to trim slightly more than a penny off the proposed

real estate tax rate and freeze phone fees for 911 service.


– Manassas Park’s finances deplorable

The discovery of errors in Manassas Park’s financial records is limiting

the City Council’s ability to lower the tax rate, city officials said

during a council meeting Tuesday.


– OPINION: Taxes in Manassas

One thing could be said about the City of Manassas’ proposed real estate

tax rate – it could have been worse.


– State candidates voice real estate tax help

House assessments and real estate taxes worry many area residents and

local government officials.


– County gets few complaints over assessments

In a year of record hikes in residential real estate assessments in Prince

William County, finance officials say relatively few homeowners have complained

to them.


– Manassas tries highest real estate tax rate

During a marathon work session Thursday night, the Manassas City Council

decided to advertise a real estate tax rate of $1.02 per $100 of assessed

value for fiscal 2006.


– County assessors get it mostly right

The past few years have been a period of super-puberty for real estate

values in Northern Virginia.


– Owners question assessment process

The past few years have been a period of super-puberty for real estate

values in Northern Virginia.


– Lower tax rate coming to Manassas Park
Officials plan to lower the real estate tax rate for the upcoming and

current fiscal years.


– Rising assessments catch some unprepared
Response to a 23 percent jump in real estate assessment: surprise, shock,

outrage and panic.


– Manassas Park voters demand lower tax rate

More than 125 Manassas Park residents have signed a petition asking City

Council for a real estate tax rate reduction.


– Parrish: increased tax relief for elderly
Vice Mayor Parrish proposes increased tax relief for the elderly and

a lower real estate tax rate for all Manassas residents.


– Connaughton: Can’t lower tax rate without cuts
The county’s proposed real estate tax rate is as low as supervisors can

go without hurting vital services, according to the chairman of the board

of county supervisors.


– Proposed tax program to make payments easier on seniors
With home assessments surging across the county, the Prince William Board

of County Supervisors has a plan to soften the real estate tax blow for



– Budget proposal includes real estate tax rate cut

Prince William County’s proposed fiscal year 2006 budget includes a 14

percent cut in the real estate tax rate, but most homeowners will still

pay higher taxes since the value of homes rose by an average of 23 percent

over the past year.


– Tax plan doesn’t help seniors or any other taxpayers
The Prince William County just noticed property owners that real estate

taxes have shot through the roof, so they “limited” this year’s

tax increase to 5.9 percent.


– Real estate tax could be hot issue in 2005
Like most of Northern Virginia, Manassas Park saw another large increase

in real estate value during 2004.



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