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Pope John Paul II
John Paul elected Pope Attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II Yassir Arafat meets with Pope John Paul II
(From left) Cardinal Karoi Jozef

Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II on Oct. 16, 1978. He survived an

assassination attempt in St. Peter’s Square on May 13, 1981, and

later forgave his assailant, a Turkish militant. The most widely

traveled pope in history, John Paul II frequently met with world

leaders, like Yassir Arafat in 2000, to promote the cause of peace.

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How will history remember Pope John Paul II?

As a notable religious leader

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secluded at the Vatican

Bringing their suitcases and personal views on the future of the church,

the cardinals who will select the next pope settled in their rooms in

the Vatican hotel that will be their home until the world’s 1.1 billion

Roman Catholics have a new leader.


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Catholics celebrate life, mourn death
In Prince William County and throughout the world, Catholics will gather

this week for memorial Masses honoring Pope John Paul II.


leaders remember pope’s ecumenical spirit

Pope John Paul II’s benevolent influence reached well beyond the Vatican

walls and the hearts of Catholics to touch people of all religions.


residents mourn pope

Area faithful, along with Catholics the world over, paused Saturday to

mourn and remember Pope John Paul II.


Paul II

As thousands gathered to pray in St. Peter’s Square with Pope Paul II

near death Friday night, it became crystal clear what one man’s life meant

to the Catholic Church and to the entire world.


William area parishes

Addresses, phone numbers and Mass schedules for those who want to pray

for Pope John Paul II



Memorial Masses and other special events for Pope John Paul II scheduled

throughout the Catholic Diocese of Arlington


John Paul II: His life

From a young man secretly studying for the priesthood in Nazi-occupied

Poland to his elevation as the first non-Italian Pope in over 450 years,

Karoi Jozef Wojtyla led a life of notable achievement.


and history of Papal succession

Following the Pope’s death, the Cardinal Camerlengo follows a ritual including

the “ring of the fisherman” and the novemdieles, the nine days

of mourning.


John Paul II has reached out far beyond the church

I have never met the Pontiff, but I feel that he is a kindred spirit.