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Taylor Marie Behl


Reported missing Sept. 5
Remains located Oct. 5


Taylor Marie Behl

Please post your comments, well-wishes and observations on the case of Taylor Marie Behl

Mathews County scene
Slideshow: Mathews

MAP: Mathews County scene
MAP: Mathews County

Slideshow: Vigil

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Dec. 13, 2005:

Gun charge dropped against Fawley

Dec. 6, 2005:

Search of pond in Behl slaying offers no clues

Dec. 6, 2005:

Police find pond in Behl probe

Dec. 4, 2005:

Behl investigators want help

Dec. 3, 2005:

Fawley worked on VCU campus

Nov. 11, 2005:

Behl grand jury likely to get evidence in Jan.

Oct. 18, 2005:

Gag order issued for witnesses in Behl case

Oct. 16, 2005:

Behl’s grieving mom lashes out at suspect

Oct. 15, 2005:

Suspect: Behl death was an accident

Behl memorialized by family, friends in N.Va.

Oct. 14, 2005:

Taylor Behl memorialized in Vienna

Sources: Fawley talked to police

On Behl’s birthday, many say goodbye

Oct. 13, 2005:

Visitation planned in N.Va. for Behl

Oct. 12, 2005:

Behl’s cause of death undetermined

In wake of death, VCU to stress Internet perils

Oct. 09, 2005:

When recalling the dead, 70 out of the 71 are nameless victims

Oct. 08, 2005:

Charges in Behl case weeks away

Memorial vigil held for Behl family

Slideshow: Remembering Taylor Vigil

Oct. 07, 2005:

IT’S TAYLOR: Police confirm body is that of VCU’s Taylor Marie Behl

Diggs residents sort out emotions

Oct. 06, 2005:

Richmond Police confirm remains to be Taylor Behl

VIDEO: Janet Pelasara (Courtesy of NBC12)

Human remains “most likely” Behl’s, mother says

Oct. 05, 2005:

Behl task force investigates body in Mathews County

AREA MAP: Task force finds body

Taylor Behl Slideshow

Grand jury to aid in Behl case

Sept. 30, 2005:

Items to be studied for relevance to Behl case

Sept. 29, 2005:

Police seek personalized license plate in Behl case

Sept. 27, 2005:

Bond denied for man who knows Behl

Sept. 25, 2005:

Behl’s family says her street smarts may have failed

City lawyer’s case lands in national media

City university walks thin line

Sept. 24, 2005:

Police charge man who knew Behl

VCU offers reward in Behl case

Sept. 22, 2005:

Person of interest filed report with police

Sept. 21, 2005:
Mark Holmberg column

2nd family affected by Behl case

Sept 20, 2005:
Vigil held for Behl on VCU campus

‘Person of interest’ named in Behl case

Sept. 19, 2005:
Scents found in missing teen’s car

Sep 18, 2005:
Mark Holmberg column

Missing people: two cases and two sets of standards?

Police find car of missing VCU student in Fan

Sept. 17, 2005:
Houses searched in Behl case

Student’s disappearance raises awareness of safety concerns

Sept. 16, 2005:
Search for VCU student escalates

Sept. 14, 2005:
No trace yet of VCU student

Sept. 13, 2005:
VCU student missing for more than a week

Sept. 11, 2005:
FBI joins search for VCU student

Sep 9, 2005:
Freshman at VCU missing, officials say

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