Repairing the Shuttle
MULTIMEDIA: Repairing the shuttle

On the Internet For details on Discovery’s upcoming flight:


Shuttle grounded for now

Shuttle picked up Va. luggage at space station

Ring’s value will soar

‘A sparkler coming at you’

‘From supporting role to major players’
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CARTOON: Shuttle Needs

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Creating a safe space for NASA’s shuttle

Spacewalk fix will test nerves, skill

Astronauts practice repairing space shuttle

Daughter’s gift: a song to lift a space flier

NASA hopes to fly again this year

Langley provided imaging

Two of Langley’s own on shuttle

Sunday target for shuttle launch probably unlikely

Problem prevents shuttle launch

Shuttle ready for launch after fixes

For a Columbia crewman’s kin, a ‘fade to gray’

Television coverage

Hold on a minute, shuttle officials say
Weather cooperates, but loose ends may delay launch plans

Columbia relatives plan to attend launch
Virginian’s brother wants to see liftoff of shuttle Discovery

Langley’s shuttle work in spotlight
But experts hope new safety techniques won’t be needed

Cutting the shuttle’s risks
New procedures set by NASA to ensure safety of Discovery

Narrow window for launch

Langley played role in developing fixes after Columbia disaster

Pursuing a dream on shuttle’s return to flight

Langley scientist ensures luggage really takes flight

Discovery crew set for July 13 launch