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There are many employers and services available to those seeking employment in the area.

The county’s Office of Economic Development, 10530 Linden Lake Plaza in Manassas, publishes numerous booklets regarding the economic climate and business community. For more information, call (703) 392-0330.

People may file for unemployment benefits or find job-seeking services at the Prince William office of the Virginia Employment Commission at 13370 Minnieville Road in Woodbridge, or call (703) 897-0407. The state agency’s Web site is at http://www.vec.state.va.us.

Residents may also go to three other locations for services: in Fairfax at 13135 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Suite 340, phone (703) 803-0000; in Alexandria at 5520 Cherokee Ave., phone (703) 813-1399; and in Fredericksburg at 3501 Lafayette Blvd., phone (540) 898-3806.

The local Virginia Employment Commission offices and the county’s Office on Youth can provide access to the Automated Labor Exchange System. Also known as ALEX, it’s an online service that is updated weekly and contains roughly 16,000 nationwide job listings.

ALEX is free to residents. For appointments with the Office on Youth, call (703) 792-6095.

The two chambers of commerce in Woodbridge and Manassas offer detailed information about the business community. Both chambers publish a membership directory (See related article on this page).

Where the jobs are

As of May 2003, Prince William County had a civilian work force of 163,208 and an unemployment rate of 3.5%. Manassas had a civilian work force of 20,850 and an unemployment rate of 3.1%, Manassas Park had a civilian work force of 5,879 and an unemployment rate of 2.1% and Stafford County had a civilian work force of 51,597 and an unemployment rate of 2.5%, according to the Virginia Employment Commission. The civilian work force includes people who work and those who are looking for jobs.

The following is a list of top employers, type of employment offered and the number of employees as of November 2001, according to the county’s Office of Economic Development:

? Prince William County Public Schools, education. Employees: 6,924.

? Lockheed Martin Federal Systems, technology. Employees: 1,800.

? George Mason University, Prince William, services. Employees: 479.

? Micron, manufacturing. Employees: 450.

? Alliant/Atlantic Foods Services Inc., wholesale trade. Employees: 428.

? Northern Virginia Community College Woodbridge campus, education. Employees: 373.

? Verizon, communications. Employees: 360.

? Atlantic Research Corporation, manufacturing. Employees: 355.

? General Dynamics Land Systems, manufacturing. Employees: 320.

? Northern Virginia Community College Manassas Campus, education. Employees: 317.

? AHC Inc., services. Employees: 300.

? Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, utility. Employees: 300.

? BAE Systems, manufacturing. Employees: 290.

? Arban & Carosi Inc., manufacturing. Employees: 275.

? Rugo & Carosi, LLC, manufacturing. Employees: 275.

? Deck America, construction. Employees: 274.

? Comcast Communications, communications. Employees: 267.

? American Type Culture Collection, services. Employees: 256.

? BETCO Block & Products Inc., manufacturing. Employees: 210.

? AFL Network Midatlantic, services. Employees: 195.

? Vertis, manufacturing. Employees: 190.

? Government & Micro Resources Inc. services. Employees: 184.

? America Online Technology Centers, communiations. Employees: 175.

? COBRO, services. Employees: 170.

? Atlantic Coast Cotton Inc., wholesale trade. Employees: 150.

? McLane Food Service Distribution, wholesale trade. Employees: 154.

? Universal Dynamics, manufacturing. Employees: 133.

? MKL Systems, services. Employees: 130.

? Dominion Virginia Power, transportation/electric. Employees: 100.

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