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C Jonathan

Colantuoni, Sr., Hylton

1B Robbie Miller, Sr., Gar-Field

2B Jayson Beck, Sr., Brooke Point

SS Brett Mitchell, Sr., Stafford

3B Bobby Anthony, Sr., Osbourn Park

OF Brandon Clark, Sr., Potomac; David Frelin, Sr.,

Osbourn Park; Kevin Nally, Jr., Forest Park

UT Garrett Smith, Jr., Stonewall Jackson

P Jordan Flasher, Jr., Osbourn Park; Eddie West,

So., Gar-Field




Arrington, Sr., Gar-Field; Butch Benedict, Jr., Woodbridge;

Chris Boggs, So., Stonewall Jackson; Matt Bryant, So., Stafford;

Marcus Cameron, Jr., Forest Park; Chad Cessna, Jr., Woodbridge;

Bobby Collier, Sr., Brentsville; Antonio Concepcion, Sr., Woodbridge;

Chris Connor, Jr., Stonewall Jackson; Marshall Dill, So.,

Forest Park; Justin Doyle, Jr., Colonial Forge; Daniel Frye,

Jr., Manassas Park; Sam Fullerton, Sr., Osbourn Park; Chris

Gramm, Jr., Brooke Point; Brent Greer, So., Osbourn; J.T.

Gregory, So., Gar-Field; Mike Hadro, Sr., Seton; Nate Hartman,

Sr., Hylton; Jamison Hendricks, Sr., North Stafford; Jeff Jones,

Jr., Colonial Forge; Adam Kearney, Sr., Osbourn Park; Bryan

Krynitsky, Jr., Seton; Mike Lang, Jr., Stafford; Aaron Letito,

Sr., Gar-Field; Justin Martin, Jr., Gar-Field; Sean McCauley,

Fr., Potomac; Brett Myers, Sr., Woodbridge; Jason Myers,

Sr., Osbourn Park; Allen Peake, Sr., Stafford; Matt Rainbolt,

Jr., Potomac; Humberto Sanchez, Jr., Brooke Point; Allen

Smaltz, Sr., North Stafford; Andrew Speights, Sr, Brooke Point;

Peter Spence, Sr., North Stafford; Corey Spencer, Jr., Osbourn

Park; Nate Stallings, Sr., Emmanuel Christian; Marco Uribe,

Jr., Seton; Dave Vernon, So., Brooke Point; Mike Walters,

Fr., Osbourn; Harry Williams, So., Potomac; Ryan Wood, Jr.,






25: Boys tennis


27: Girls lacrosse

June 29: Boys lacrosse

June 30: Softball

July 1: Boys track



Giarrizzi, Potomac High School



Most memorable moment: “It has to be the no-hitter in the

championship game. It’s a little [different now]. I think, what if

Matt [Rainbolt] made that play at third, then I’d have a perfect

game, the first in Potomac history. But I don’t look back too much

now, I keep on moving.”

Which person has influenced you the most in baseball? “It

has to be my dad. Early on, he pushed me and was pretty tough on me. But

it helped me develop into a hard-working baseball player, not someone

who thinks that baseball owes them something. In high school, it’s

definitely coach [Mike] Covington. He taught me so much, like how to play

the game the right way.”

What do you like most about baseball? “I’d have

to say the whole game fielding, hitting, throwing. There’s

not one that I really like [over the others].”

What area have you improved the most in from last year to this

year? “My pitching. I’ve only pitched two years, but this

year I gained a lot of control and velocity. Now I have some kind of changeup.

Last year I had nothing, it didn’t work. It was just a slow fastball.”



Szakelyhidi, Colonial Forge High School



Most memorable moment: “Probably winning the regional [title]

game. The last out, I believe, was a strikeout, and just seeing the kids

celebrate, especially with Eddie Rubbo on the mound.”

Which person has influenced you the most in baseball? “My

high school baseball coach, Bob Oliver, who’s still at Chancellor.

It was his whole demeanor, the way he went about handling 15 or 16 different


What do you like most about coaching baseball? “I love

the game. Baseball’s a great game it teaches a lot of life

lessons. In other sports, maybe it’s the biggest or the fastest [that

succeeds], in baseball you just have to take care of the ball. Whoever

does that wins.”

What area have you improved the most in from last year to this

year? “The ability to let the kids play. I’ve been blessed

with this group, it’s the most experience we’ve ever had. We

just wanted to put them out there and stay out of their way.”





Made the first state tournament in the program’s brief history. With

a core of seniors, the Eagles won regular-season Commonwealth District

and Northwest Region titles.


Two of the area’s best pitchers and a speedy offense made the Panthers

a difficult assignment on any day. Potomac won its first Cedar Run District

title this season.


The Indians were the Cardinal District frontrunners for the entire season,

and earned a win in the district tournament as well. A loss to Stonewall

Jackson in regionals ended their season.


The Bulldogs did their best to keep pace with Gar-Field in the regular

season and postseason. But the Bulldogs lost all three meetings with the





a rough beginning, the Raiders righted themselves and were a run away

from repeating as Cedar Run champs. Stonewall beat Gar-Field in regionals

before losing to Colonial Forge.

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