Manassas Journal Messenger | ‘This is Halloween, This is Halloween’

Wendy Hall needs to be a “funky Pharaoh” for a Halloween party this year.

It’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon and Hall, 37, is trying on a purple wig in the back of Party City in Woodbridge.

“I think a ‘funky Pharaoh’ would have a little more color,” said Hall, explaining the colored accessory. She plans to attend a friend’s party, “The Funky Pharaoh Dance,” this Halloween, in Hudson River Valley, N.Y. She is also going to make the costume herself, and not pick up a ready-made ensemble at the store.

Finding the right costume is just as much a part of Halloween as carving a jack-o-lantern and unspooling the old “Monster Mash” tape. Some save the time and buy a costume; others put the effort and energy into making something. Across the board this year, according to store owners and representatives, the most popular Halloween costumes seem to be pirates, followed closely by superheroes-specifically Superman or Spider-Man.

“Pirates are super-hot,” said Party City owner Louis Segarra. He added that other locally popular costumes are Barbie and Star Wars-themed.

For adults, Segarra said “sexy costumes” or anything “low cut” is popular. One of his best-sellers is the “Mile High Captain,” a revealing stewardess uniform.

“Sexy costumes” are also popular for those who are not yet adults.

Mary Honeycutt, a 17-year- old Hylton High School student, bought a “Hot Flash Nurse” costume at Spirit Halloween Superstore in Manassas. The costume, which retails for $19.99, includes a revealing nurse outfit and hat.

She’s helping her sister, Katie, 15, select a costume at Party City in Woodbridge. Mary said the nurse costume on sale at Party City is identical to the one she bought.

Katie isn’t sure what she’s going to go as, but for a moment was seriously considering a baby costume, which comes with a giant body suit, bib and bonnet.

“This is for a party,” said Mary of Woodbridge, adding that some of her guy friends plan on dressing as football players.

“One of my friends is going as a Disney Princess,” said Katie. “I don’t know why.”

After some consideration, Katie decides to postpone a decision. The sisters leave with a princess costume for their dog.

“I still have time,” said Katie.

Tonia Farinha is the director of marketing for Spirit Halloween Superstores, a national chain of Halloween-themed stores and a division of Spencer’s Gifts. There are Spirit locations in Woodbridge and Manassas.

“Probably the most popular costume this year would be our pirate costumes,” said Farinha. She added that this was due to the popularity of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.

After superheroes, Farinha said that humorous costumes, and couples costumes, were popular. Some examples are a “plug and socket,” as well as “Marc Antony and a Roman Beauty.”

Farinha added that Spirit also has exclusive Halloween decorations, including a “Death Crawler,” a remote-controlled zombie, which crawls across the floor.

Others don’t need Johnny Depp or remote controlled zombies for their Halloween ensemble.

Ashley Haines, 9, of Manassas is going with a bit more classic costume.

“I like Dorothy,” said Ashley, selecting a costume from the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Her brother, John, 3, will go as Thomas the Tank Engine.

Staff writer Josh Eiserike can be reached at (703) 878-8072.

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