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Halloween is deadlier than New Year’s when it comes to drunken driving, said Kurt Erickson of the Washington Regional Alcohol Program in a recent press release.

“The scary fact is that nearly twice as many people are killed by drunk drivers in this region during Halloween than on New Year’s Eve,” Erickson said in the release.

Nationally, more than four out of 10 traffic deaths on Halloween are alcohol-related, Erickson said.

To try and save lives, WRAP will offer free taxi rides throughout Prince William County between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. on Saturday Oct. 29; Sunday, Oct. 30; and Monday, Oct 31.

It’s WRAP’s way of trying to keep drunken drivers off the roads.

During the three eight-hour periods, area residents, 21 and older, who have had too much to drink can call (800) 200-TAXI to get a cab ride of up to $50, the release said.

Cingular customers can dial # TAXI for the same service.

Area cab companies that are participating in SoberRideLocal include Alexandria Yellow Cab, Barwood Fairfax Yellow Cab, Loudoun Yellow Cab, Manassas Cab Company, Red Top Cab, Silver Cab Company of Prince George’s County, Taxi Transportation Services and Yellow Cab of Prince William County.

The Washington Regional Alcohol Program is a public-private partnership to prevent drunken driving and underage drinking in the area.

Since 1993 the SoberRide program has provided 30,064 to those in the region who have imbibed too much.

More information about SoberRide can be found at


The AAA-Mid Atlantic conducted an online survey and found that continuing high gas prices have caused motorists to change their driving habits.

The car club asked people what changes they were making to save on gas, said a recent AAA press release.

The survey showed that 70.2 percent said they were driving less, 12.1 percent said they hadn’t changed their driving habits, 11.6 percent said they were driving a more fuel efficient car and 5.9 percent said they were using car pools or mass transit.

The AAA said that Metro ridership is up 10 percent on a daily basis and has risen 20 percent on weekends, the release said.

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