Manassas Journal Messenger | Manassas man killed by train

Pedro Hernandez was taking a walk to the store. He would not make it back alive.

A train struck Hernandez as he was walking on the train tracks near Wellington Road between Godwin and Cockrell drives around 7:15 p.m. Saturday, said Sgt. Tim Neumann, police spokesman.

Hernandez did not have identification on him when he was struck. His family reported him missing and when he did not show up for work on Monday his employer, J.C. Concrete, a Manassas construction company, called the police.

The company put police in contact with Hernandez’s family, who identified the body through an autopsy photo, Neumann said.

Hernandez’s death is believed to be accidental, Neumann said. Police have no reason to believe that Hernandez committed suicide or was killed.

Doug Snably, a Manassas resident, saw the scene while at the American Legion on Cockrell Road.

“I saw an ambulance outside and saw what was going on,” Snably said. “Then someone flashed a light under the train and saw the body.”

J.C. Concrete forward all questions to Hernandez’s two brothers, but they did not speak English.


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