Manassas Journal Messenger | Fall Jubilee descends upon Old Towm Manassas

Mr. Bump, a juggler of many things, including a marshmallow impaled on a “razor-sharp juggling machete,” wowed a street crowd at the Manassas Fall Jubilee, Saturday.

Mr. Bump, wearing one blue and one orange high-top sneaker and a black derby, juggled his many things from atop unicycles of varying heights.

After several false starts, probably feigned for the benefit of the children in the audience and to create suspense, Mr. Bump, who would not give any other name, ate the marshmallow that was impaled on the tumbling tip of the “razor-sharp juggling machete” as he juggled it and two juggling clubs.

And Mr. Bump wasn’t finished yet.

He saved the flaming torches for his finale.

Mr. Bump had help from audience members Scott Seymour and Sergio Maygora, who for their finale, which preceded Mr. Bump’s finale, tossed marshmallows that were not impaled on “razor-sharp juggling machetes” and caught them in their mouths.

Mr. Bump assured the audience that it was a feat never before seen at a juggling show.

“I’ve got to tell you,” Mr. Bump assured the audience, “Never in my six years of performing live have two of my audience volunteers, both, caught their marshmallows at the same time.”

The audience, properly impressed, threw a round of applause at Seymour and Maygora, who accepted their due and returned to the aid of Mr. Bump.

Seymour, who was visiting his parents Maryland, said his career as an audience volunteer didn’t begin Saturday.

“I was one when I was about eight or nine,” said the 30-something MBNA employee of his volunteering credentials

“I’m pretty accomplished at it,” said Seymour, who grew up in Manassas

“This guy was great,” Seymour said of Mr. Bump. “He did a good job.”

Volunteering from the audience, Seymour said, offers a different perspective.

“I got the opportunity to help out, see the audience, get a different view … you know,” he said.

Seymour said he dug the applause and the marshmallow hasn’t bad either.

“When I ate the marshmallow, they appreciated that,” Seymour said.

“It was probably a couple years old,” he said of the marshmallow, “but it tasted pretty good.”

Mr. Bump was equally impressed with the help he found at the Fall Jubilee.

“The volunteers in Manassas were as lively or more lively than the volunteers in D.C., where I normally work,” Bump said.

“We had a great time today,” the juggler said.

Mr. Bump was but one of many performers at the street fair where visitors could buy statuettes, wooden rubber band guns, candles, myriad carnival foods and many other knickknacks that could have been available at the Occoquan Craft show last weekend.

Dancing girls performed near the train station where karate kids also gave martial arts demonstrations.

A magician performed after Mr. Bump was done.

All of Center Street and most of the other streets in Old Town Manassas were closed to traffic during the Fall Jubilee.

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