Manassas Journal Messenger | Mother of dead baby arraigned for abuse

A Woodbridge mother whose 11-month-old daughter died at the hands of her boyfriend was arraigned Wednesday on a charge of felony child abuse.

A criminal complaint attached to Chandra Lee Wine’s warrant says that abuse of her child should have been apparent to Wine and that she took no action to protect her daughter.

Wine, 28, of 14304 Brook Drive, is charged with child abuse between Jan. 17, 2002, and Jan. 3, 2003, the entirety of her daughter’s short life. Child abuse is a class four felony, punishable by two to 10 years in prison.

“These injuries consisted of bruising to many areas of the body and a number of bite marks,” the complaint states. “The accused claims to have not noticed some of the injures and has made excuses for some of the others. Even with these injuries, the accused continued to leave the victim in the care of James Trainor, which led to her eventual death.”

Trainor, 20, of Clifton, admitted his responsibility for Alexus Olyvia Bellamy’s death. When he entered a plea to a felony homicide charge in August, molds of his teeth were m atched to all but one of the bite marks on Alexus’ back, arm and buttocks.

Alexus was discovered unconscious by 911 responders that Trainor called to the couple’s Manassas Park-area apartment Dec. 27, 2002. Alexus died a week later. Autopsy results reveal she suffered brain herniation, a spinal cord hemorrhage and retinal hemorrhages.

Trainor told police that he found Alexus lying at the bottom of several steps upon exiting the bathroom. Prosecutors characterized her injuries as shaken baby syndrome. Trainor later told police that he had been throwing Alexus in the air and failed to catch her.

Trainor, who was learning disabled and diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, was unemployed and Alexus’ principle caretaker at the time of her death. Wine was at work Dec. 27, 2002, when Trainor said he called her, saying Alexus wasn’t breathing and asking what he should do. She told him to call 911.

Manassas attorney T. Kevin Wilson was appointed to represent Wine at her preliminary hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Dec. 18.

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