Manassas Journal Messenger | Ex-husband charged with murder amid custody battle

A Woodbridge man whose former in-laws are trying to win custody of his two daughters was direct-indicted on a murder charge in connection with his ex-wife’s death, according to Fairfax County prosecutors.

Marlo L. Small, 30, of an undisclosed Woodbridge address, was arrested by Prince William and Fairfax County police near his home Tuesday morning, authorities told the Washington Post. His ex-wife Michele Quiles was found shot dead in her car in Annandale in April 2002.

“Every day since my sister was murdered, we’ve been waiting for the phone call that told us they’ve arrested someone,” said Evelyn Quiles, 31, of Alexandria. “We were kind of in shock that it kind of happened after so long, and kind of relieved in a way. At the same time, finding out who had been arrested is upsetting and hurtful to us because this is someone who was a member of our family.”

Quiles and her parents Ruben and Jeanne knew Small was the top suspect but never held any definitive opinions on who killed Michele.

The arrest complicates an already difficult custody battle for 3-year-old Jazmin and 5-year-old Ceara. In January, a Prince William County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court judge said the Quiles family could have the girls one weekend each month and one week in August. Small appealed; a new trial was set to take place July 28.

“We don’t know what will happen now at the Circuit Court level,” Quiles said. “We’re not clear what this does for our case.”

Jazmin and Ceara are with Small’s parents since his arrest.

Small and Michele Quiles married in August 1998. They moved in together in November that year and never spent more than 24 consecutive hours in each other’s company, Evelyn Quiles said. She said her sister was so miserable she moved shortly after moving in with Small. It took a year before their 1999 divorce was finalized. The couple arranged joint custody of Ceara and then unborn Jazmin. Michele Quiles moved back in with her family after her separation.

Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert F. Horan did not return calls from the Potomac News and Manassas Journal Messenger on Wednesday.

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