Manassas Journal Messenger | OUT-OF-STATE: Bristol, Tenn., area school

King College 1350 King College Road

Bristol, TN 37620 (423) 652-4861 or (800) 362-0014


Affiliation Private, Presbyterian, but open to all denominations and faiths

Undergraduate enrollment 1,034

Full-time faculty – 65

Annual costs* – $24,545; books, $800

Applications –  Rolling admission and notification. Total received 1,031.

Miscellaneous – 98 percent received financial aid with $14,100 average value; SAT mid-50 percent: 950-1160; ACT accepted; average high school GPA, 3.38

Most popular majors – Nursing, business and education, English, sciences

Profile –  King is a comprehensive Christian college, a dynamic community of learners with a broad view of the world, sharpened professional acumen and commitment to serving others.

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