Selma: March into History

Forty years ago,  thousands of marchers trekked from Selma to Montgomery, Ala., to demand that African-Americans be permitted to vote. Because of their courage and sacrifices, the South – indeed the nation – was transformed. The Voting Rights act that grew out of that bloody march comes up for renewal in two years.

Selma: March Into History

The Potomac News and look back on this historic event with a package of stories, vintage photos, audio interviews with surviving marchers, and special features including excerpts from the literacy tests once required of voters. See it all in the Potomac News and on on Sunday, March 6.

Our online coverage of this historic event includes:

• an animated map

• an interactive timeline

• audio of telephone conversations by President Lyndon Johnson with Gov. George Wallace and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

• a slide show and video presentation

• audio of discussions with leaders and participants in the march.

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