Potomac News Online | Cats with hats hit the contest circuit

SPECIAL REPORT –  Hog Wild at the county fair

There were cats in hats and pusses in boots Sunday at the Prince William County Fairgrounds.

It was the pet show and one of the categories was “Best Costume,” so cats were wearing clothes.

Pet show coordinator and judge Julie Svendsen said some of the costumes were pretty funny.

Other categories included Most Beautiful Eyes, Longest Tail, Smallest, Largest, Best Groomed Pure Bred and Best Groomed Cross Breed. Each category came with first- through fifth-place ribbons.

There were winners all around.

Christina and and Stephanie Flear, 6 and 8 respectively, brought two cats, Tommy and Jango.

Tommy wore a cowboy outfit, complete with boots, and Jango came as Santa Claus.

Tommy, Jango and the other cats in the contest wore their costumes with good grace.

Vince Flear said it was all in the training.

“This is the biggest thing since Christmas for them,” the 43-year-old said.

“They just prepare for this all year,” he said.

The girls took several ribbons between them.

Jango won a third place for largest pure bred and Tommy won a first place for most beautiful eyes.

Laina Tabacchi, 15, won in the “Largest” category with Velvet, her Persian-cross.

“She’s proud of her cat,” said Laina’s father, Len Tabacchi.

Bridgette Ripper, 10, and her cat took “Best in Show” with a handful of ribbons, including a first place in the “Smallest” category.

“I’m happy for my cat since it’s his first year,” Bridgette said.

Rabbits and small pets such as hamsters and mice competed later in the pet show.

SPECIAL REPORT –  Hog Wild at the county fair


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