Potomac News Online | Chilling reminder

Last week a man was shot while working behind the counter at a Woodbridge Subway. This week a pizza delivery man was robbed and shot in the chest while trying to make a delivery in Lake Ridge.

Both robbery attempts displayed brutal violence with little regard to the human condition. There was little to be gained because fast food stores and those delivering pizza can never be associated with large amounts of money.

It’s common knowledge, (even to the less-than-intelligent criminals who carried out these acts) that these types of enterprises order their employees to be cooperative during robberies in order to reduce the chance that deadly force will be used. Cash is replaceable.

These two robberies, while probably not related, are a chilling example of the cold, criminal elements of our community. This type of criminal behavior might not be prevalent – as we believe there’s more good out there than there is evil – but it’s still there all the same.

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